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Velka Pardubicka Steeplechase

12th October 2014

OPHEE DES BLINS returned having had two easy wins this year at Pardubice. Could she become the first mare since Lady Anne to win three Velkas ? Once again TIUMEN (who was still without a win since this final Velka win three years ago) and TREZOR (who had won his fifth Velka qualifier on his only start this term) were her main market rivals. There were no Irish or French challengers this year. Enda Bolger and JP McManus had decided not to return to Pardubice after Mount Sion had been killed the year before. The sole foreign entrant was the Charlie Mann trained LAMBRO who whilst carrying the colours of former hero It`s A Snip did not to be frank look up to the task. On another gloriously sunny and warm autumn afternoon there was a rare false start but at the second time of asking ORPHEE DES BLINS went off in front with UNIVERSE OF GRACIE and NIKAS close up. There were a few mistakes at the first water notably from LAMBRO and SHERARDO but all twenty two runners were still standing as they made the usual charge to the Taxis. The fence that had claimed so few scalps in recent years saw chaos. NIKAS, unseated, AMARAGON took a heavy fall and several were badly hampered. Worse, ZULEJKA did not get high enough and simply fell into the ditch whilst her jockey Josef Bartos laid on his back looking like he had been killed. Poor LAMBRO who was already struggling found himself upsides ZULEJKA and, unsighted came to  complete stop as he tried to avoid the other fallers. When PEINTRE ABSTRACT thew rider Lukas Matusky into the Irish Bank (and he too looked seriously injured) it looked like we were in for another war of attrition. Fortunately things settled down and were no further incidents until the grey TER MILL unseated at the English jump twenty fences later. ORPHEE DES BLINS remained in front with UNIVERSE OF GRACIE and the veteran maiden RUBIN with his rider/trainer, the ever popular Martina Ruzickova on board. She had first ridden in the race in 1991 and was still looking to complete the course for the first time. Whilst she remained in front ORPHEE DES BLINS was not allowed to dominate as she had done in previous years and also had to contend with the attraction of two loose horses along the way. As she turned back onto the racecourse proper for the final three hurdles she still had several of her rivals close behind notably KLAUS and the outsider AL JAZZ who was making progress whilst the gallant RUBIN started to drop back. With two fences to go ORPHEE DES BLINS was clear but AL JAZZ was not going to give up and in the home straight for the first time in her Velka career this wonderful mare was shown the whip as Jan Faltejesek drove her on in a desperate finish to just hold on from the ever present AL JAZZ. In the end ORPHEE DES BLINS prevailed but only by three quarters of a length. After the grief early on in the race it was with relief to see that seventeen horses had completed the course. In a distant last place was LAMBRO who clearly hated the experience and who had had his confidence completely knocked out of him at the Taxis. Another terrible mistake at the big water also did not help. In front of him was TIUMEN who had toiled in rear for a second Velka in a row. The remarkable Josef Vana was now sixty one and this was his twenty eighth ride. There was a feeling that this was probably the end. A mention must be given to Martina Ruzickova on RUBIN who weakened rapidly to finish sixteenth but she would have been delighted to have finally got round safely. Sadly ZULEJKA was killed at the Taxis, the second fatality at the fence since the modifications some twenty one years previously re-opening the debate about the safety of the race and whether the ditch should be filled in for good.


 1st   ORPHEE DES BLINS - Jan Falltejsek    12, 66

 2nd  AL JAZ - Josef Sovka    8, 68
 3rd   KLAUS - Jaroslav Myska    9, 68

 4th   UNIVERSE OF GRACIE - Jiri Kousek    9, 68

 5th   KASIM - Marcel Novak    9, 68

 6th   ZARIF - Marek Stromsky    7, 68

 7th   TREZOR - Ondrej Velek    10, 68

 8th   GAUNER DANON - Jan Kratochvil    8, 68

 9th   SHERARDO - Michal Kubik    10, 68

10th   PARETO - Thomas Boyer    7, 68

11th   SOROS - Josef Vana Jnr    11, 68

12th   SISI MERBLE - Jakub Kocman    6, 66

13th   CARDAM - Jaroslav Brecka    10, 68

14th   MOULA - Petr Tuma    6, 68

15th   RUBIN - Martina Ruzickova    12, 68

16th   TIUMEN - Josef Vana    13, 68

17th   LAMBRO - Mark Grant    9, 68

Also Ran : TER MILL - Michal Kohl 8 (unseated rider 25th), PEINTRE ABSTRAIT - Lukas Matusky 8 (unseated rider 5th), AMARAGON - Martin Liska 9 (fell 4th), NIKAS - Dusan Andres 9 (unseated rider 4th), ZULEJKA - Josef Bartos 9 (fell 4th)

Trained by : Gregorsz Wroblewski. Time : 9 minutes, 08.25 seconds. Distances : 3/4-13-1-3-6-5-neck-4.5-neck-7-1-distance-3/4-4 1/4-5-distance

11th October 2015

Orphee des Blins and Tiumen were both  retired after the 2015 season so there would be a new champion this year. Perpetual qualifier winner Trezor was also not in the field. Also missing was Josef Vana in the saddle as, whilst he would be saddling three of the twenty two strong field, he would be watching from the stands this year. This was very much a local Velka with no runners from either Ireland or the UK - Charlie Mann, like Enda Bolger a year before him had announced that he would no longer be sending runners to Pardubice. Favourite in this new look Velka was the undoubtabley talented but very wayward RABBIT WELL. Having proved himself the best classical steeplechaser in the Czech Republic he was now being aimed at the Velka. When he was good be was very very good with three wins this season including the First of May  Chase at Lysa and the August qualifier. However he had a tendency to play up at the start and it was not unusual for him to refuse to race. This happened on his third start this season at Pardubice in June. Despite his temperament punters were prepared to take a chance on him. Next best was UNIVERSE OF GRACIE who would have Orphee des Blins jockey Jan Faltejesek on board. Winner of the May qualifier he had finished fourth the previous year. AL JAZ who had run the race of his life to nearly cause an upset the year before was also fancied although he had not won all season and the useful but inexperienced SOKOL also came in for support. He was to be ridden by Englishman Tom Garner. Mention should also be made of KLAUS, twice placed in the Velka who was making his fifth appearance in the race. For the third year running the race was run on a glorious sunny and warm autumnal afternoon and for the fourth year running Jan Faltejsek elected to make the running. UNIVERSE OF GRACIE led in the early stages from KASIM, RIBELINO and the sole foreign challenger, the French trained PASQUINI ROUGE. TER MILL made a dreadful mistake at the second but all were still standing at the Taxis. Fortunately there was not a repeat of the grim scenes of a year earlier but the big ditch did provide to much for NEBRIUS who crumpled on landing directly in the path of PARETO who was brought down. There were anxious moments for NEBRIUSs rider Jacob Kocman who was momentarily hung up in the stirrups. Yet again it was Popkovices Turn which caused problems with four coming to grief including SOKOL and moments later (and fortunately hidden from the stands behind the small wood) there was a very grim incident. A loose horse ran into PEINTRE ABSTRAIT bringing the house to the ground. As he got to his feet he appeared injured and fell to back down. Fortunately he had simply got his feet tangled in the stirrups and he was perfectly fine afterwards. Fortunately things began to calm down. UNIVERSE OF GRACIE remained in front with KASIM and HIPO JAPE close behind. TEMPLAR was making mistakes whilst ORIX was struggling in rear. At the drop fence there were mistakes form RIBELINO and GAUNER DANON. His Bulgarian jockey Sertash Ferhanov desperately clung onto the horses neck before gravity finally won out. There were no further casualties and UNIVERSE OF GRACIE remained in the lead although after the English jump there were many lining up behind him and he was looking vulnerable. REBELINO And NIKAS in particular were looking dangerous and it was NIKAS who swept past the long time leader after the third last hurdle. This was NIKAS' fourth Velka and he had twice failed to finish and was not expected to be featuring in the finish. Rider Marek Stromsky had finished first past the past in 2008 on Amant Gris but had been disqualified for missing a marker. Trainer Stanislav Popelka had been training for years but never managed to come close in the Velka. Theirs was a popular victory as NIKAS drew clear to win by three and three quarter lengths from RIBELINO and ZARIF. The favourite RABBIT WELL had consented to start but never got into the race and when he was down on his nose at the final water whatever slim chances he had evaporated.  Sadly Stromskys wretched luck was to continue when NIKAS failed a post race dope test. Connections had to wait three months to learn their fate as the horses B sample was analysed. Traces of theobromine and caffeine were found in his urine sample, and the results were confirmed at the end of January 2016. There was no option but to disqualify NIKAS and award the race to RIBELINO. The Disciplinary Committee determined that the presence of these banned substances was due to incorrect labelling of food supplements supplied to the trainer. For this reason, and because of the trainers long-term good conduct and good  reputation, it was not necessary to punish him further. The result meant that veteran rider Pavel Kasny who had been champion jockey in the mid nineties would record his first Velka winner albeit by default.


 1st   RIBELINO - Pavel Kasny    7, 68

 2nd  ZARIF - Josef Bartos    8, 68
 3rd   UNIVERSE OF GRACIE - Jan Faltejesek    10, 68

 4th   RABBIT WELL - Josef Vana Jnr    9, 68

 5th   KASIM - Marcel Novak    10, 68

 6th   LORAIN - Jaroslav Myska    8, 68

 7th   MODENA - Dusan Andres    8, 66

 8th   TEMPLAR - Kevin Guignon    8, 65

 9th   PASQUINI ROUGE - Jordan Duchene    7, 68

10th   KLAUS - Raffaele Romano    10, 68

Also Ran : HIPO JAPE - P.Tuma 9 (pulled up 29th), ORIX - V.Korytar 8 (pulled up 29th), GAUNER DANON - S.Ferhanov 9 (unseated rider 15th), AMARAGON - M.Liska 10 (fell 10th), PEINTRE ABSTRAIT - C.Chan 9 (knocked over by loose horse after 6th), AL JAZ - J.Sovka 9 (fell 6th), SHERARDO - L.Sloup 11 (hampered & unseated rider 6th), SOKOL - T.Garner 8 (fell 6th), TER MILL - O.Velek 9 (hampered & unseated rider 6th), NEBRIUS - J.Kocman  7 (fell 4th), PARETO - M.Rigo 8 (brought down 4th). NIKAS - Marek Stromsky 10 (finished 1st disqualified).

Trainer : Stanislav Kovar. Time : 8 minutes 56.01 seconds (Nikas time was 8 mins 55.29 secs). Distances : 3 3/4-3 1/2-2 1/2-5-6-1 1/2-10-6-3 1/4-3.  


(c) Chris  2006 All Rights Reserved.

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