Beat My [First] Riddle!!

It's not beatable...



** The main goal is reaching the next level by solving the riddle **

** You have to change the URL, [youranswer].htm **

** All internet browsers works fine **

** You may need to edit audio and picture files **

** The answers are always lowercased **

** Use Google! ** 

** Looking in the source won't help, because Freeweb is evil **

** Make yourself some coffee and good luck! May the knowledge be with you! ** 

Start the game by changing the URL from .../beatmyriddle/index.htm to .../beatmyriddle/start.htm

If you need hints :


If you need help, or hints, or if you want cookies, please go to :

Nordinho Forum - Beat My Riddle

Gamershood Forum - Beat My Riddle

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 Have fun! Guessing will be impossible except for level '5' xD.