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Pure Bully Kutta
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Pure Bully Kutta

In Pakistan as i mention on my homepage we have different strains of Bully Kutta, i will now discuss them.


This  type of Bully Kutta breeds true to type & i believe this tobe an "ANCIENT BEAST FROM THE EAST". The pure Bully Kutta  was in INDIA before the British  Raj & has ancient ancestory when you see one in the flesh you will understand where i am coming from. The pure Bully Kutta has all the characteristics and qualities you read about on the ancient mastiff type dogs well i believe the photographs below says it all.

This type of Bully will have a huge solid frame & bone structure stand 30-34" & weigh 150-170lbs you sometimes will have the exception of an extremely large BEAST that will be near the 200lb mark. They come in most colors but are most of the time predominately white they have a smooth coat  that fits nicely to the body the skin is loose & elasticated which is very tough this is a distinctive characteristic of the breed. They have a huge colossal head with eyes that seem to sink in pure Bullys will also have some loose dewlap this does not mean they are heavy droolers. An experienced Pakistani dogmen can tell the difference between a pure Bully just by the GAIT their gait is very much like that of a Lions & is extremely powerful & elegant. 



                                                 Pure bred Bully Bitch "Elizabeth" owned by my good friend Hammad Hassan of Pakistan Gujranwala.


Here is DAGGER he is also owned  by my good friend Hammad Hassan of Gujranwala Pakistan DAGGER is half brother to Elizabeth in the above photographs

Here is another Beauty  Hammad Hassan's HITLER







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