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Gull Terrier (Hinks Bull Terrier)

Gull Terr pup owned by Asif Khan, Photo Courtesy of Chaudry Jhangir of Chakswari  A.K. Pakistan

Just like any large Molosser in Pakistan is referred to as a BULLY KUTTA, most small to medium sized Bull & Terrier breeds are referred to as GULL TERRIERS.  We have three types of Gull Terrier in Pakistan i will discuss each type of  Gull Terrier  in more depth on this page.


Hidden away in Pakistan we have the original Hinks English Bull Terrier that have very little resemblance to the current show bred Bull Terriers of the World today. In Pakistan we call these dogs Gull Terriers they are  totally identical to the Bull Terrier of old, their blood lines date back from the time of the British Raj. As i said on my home page the British Raj brought over with them their Terriers & Bull terriers these dogs were bred for Bear Baiting & other sporting events & they still are bred as functional working dogs today in Pakistan therefore they have been preserved in their original form. One of the main characteristics of the pure Gull Terrier is the erect ears and pure white coat if the ears are not erect they are more likely  not the pure type Gull Terrier you will never see a Gull Terrier with a Roman head, alot of the sporting pure Gull Terriers of Pakistan are also deaf. The height of these Gull Terrier ranges from 21-24" & 55-70lbs they have an extremly smooth harsh thick coat well almost twice as thick as the current show Bull Terrers of the World this coat comes in their aid in certain sporting events they take part in. I personally believe in Pakistan we have the original Bull Terrier & White English Terriers these dogs are alive & well in Pakistan they are famous in the Punjab & Kohat area of Pakistan.

The photograph below was taken by my brother Nadim Razaq, this working dog is owned by CHAUDRY MALIK IQBAL OF CHAKWAL PAKISTAN


Here is a Gull Terr owned by a friend in SARGODHA PAK the owner of the dog is HAMZA "KASAI" photo was taken from some video footage i have of this dog.


Pure Bred Gull Terrier Bitch this is a True Hinks Bull Terrier, Photos  Courtesy of Chaudry Jhangir of Chakswari A.K. Pakistan. He took these photos while in the Kohat Pakistan last year. Kohat is very famous for their Gull Terriers.


Typical Type Gull Terrier

The typical type Gull Terrier is  the more common type of Gull Terrier you will see in Pakistan, unlike the pure Gull Terrier they come in all colors they on average seem to be afew inches taller and about 6-10 Kg heavier than the pure Gull Terriers. They also seem to be built more like the American Bull Terriers they have broader head and  jaws when compared to the pure Gull Terriers. Also their ears are very rarely erect there are cropped most of the time, the history of this Gull Terrier is very similar to the pure Gull Terriers but they seem to have more Bulldog and less Terrier Influence they most definitely  breed true to type and are excellent working dogs.

Photos of a Typical Gull Terrier the dog is 7 years old from Sargodha Chak no 125 Pakistan.

Believe it or not the above dog is the Grand Sire of this 32" 130 lb BEAST

Photo courtesy of Sami Ullah Khan  Pakistan







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