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 The Artist uses a Conrad Stone LITHOGRAPHIC and INTAGLIO 24 by 48" combo Stone Litho-Etch Motor-driven Press, to Hand print, (IMP) Limited Edition Drypoint, Aquatint and Line Etchings.  Between 1971 and 1986, prior to it's theft, the artist utilized a STURGES 1940 Ornate Cast IRON, spoke-wheel, hand driven, one ton etching press, to print intaglio prints.


 R.S. Beal

'Dr. BEENERD'S Peg ploy PIG Yellow sewing machine with Two Skull press pulley's' (Aquatint, line and drypoint-ETCHING) Limited Edition FirstState print IMP. Edition Size: 50    ImageSize: 7 by 11" Sheet Size: 15 by 17"   1997 edition.    The artist has mastered over 300 etched plates in Aquatint and

Line using both Zinc and Copper.

Traditionally etchings are transferred to the wax-coated plate from preliminary studies or are drawn directly thru the wax ground with a fine needle and then etched in successive stages. Aquatints (Rosin Ground Etchings) are successive time bites in Nitric using Litho-crayon and often require successive coats of rosin heated wax applied in varying fine to coarse textures one over another.

 R.S.Beal 'Portrait of C.R.' (Line Etching) 8 by 5" 1980  Known as hedge-hog Charlie, poor Charlie went to see his tennis master one hot summer day in 1984 and never returned. Now he's playing eternal tennis with hedge-hog the Moloch. The artist, prior to hedging his bets on academic Surrealism etched over 200 academic plates at the Royale' British', known as 'the Degas of Surrealism, he was always being scolded for not paying attention to the standard practice's and services of the 'modern' revolution and instead preferred to mastere the techniques of Whistler, Degas, Rembrandt, Goya, Durer and that lovable capricious character, known at the Belgium Academy for the criminally insane, as James E. (Ensor).

 R.S. Beal 'Self-Portrait' (Pure Aquatint) 8 1/2 by 7"  1976    Aquatints are drawn on the heated Rosin-coated plate, generally with various grades of 'lithographic crayons' in 'mirror image' (as a photographic negative) and then etched in successively timed 'Nitric' acid baths. The 'Modern' practice requires now that etching plates be at least 12 to18 feet square (in order to hold the vegetables), albeit the artist prefers smaller traditional plates! ______________________________________

For full previews of Surrealist ETCHINGS visit offsite (TimeClocks site): Intaglio Gallery II  Intaglio Gallery I and Etchings III and for 'online purchasing - intaglio' at: Etchings and Intaglio . Four examples of 'Portrait Etchings' and one 'drypoint' located at: R.S.Beal SURRE'ALISTE link: 'Printmaking' allows samples of both academic and Surrealist aquatints and pure line etched portraits. Use browser backbutton to return to this site.

R.S. Beal 'Lucifer, The Fallen Angel'  Etching (line, drypoint and Aquatint)

9 by 12"  2012 2nd State print

sub-title: 'Wings of Stone and the Castout'

R.S. Beal 'Lucifer, The Fallen Angel' 1rst State Print  ETCHING (Line Etch) 

9 by 12"   2013        (Umber/Black/Raw Sienna Printed on 175gsm Stonehenge and 300gsm Rives)

Edition Size: 16

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