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R.S. Beal  'Cartoon/perspective/Compostional Study for Oil "Pale Shades of Death"'  2005

 Above: Cartoon Grid for 'The Pale Shade of Death' SEE: Studio


 'The Jesuit Bone Communion'  Oil on Canvas  28 by 39"   2005

Painting In Process - The Fourth Painting in Oil from the Series 'The Infinite Observator' - The Fuehrer (Inspired by E.Fuchs-Vienna School) SEE Also: Surrealism2005,GalleryONE (offsite) for variations on 'The Jesuit Bone Communion' / The Small Fuehrer and 'The Infinite Observator'.

- As in Spain, the Jesuits in Portugal had an important role in the Inquisition in the 18th Century.  Sexual neurosis was rampant, thru out Spain,during the Inqusition (beatas and alumbrados),and continued for over 200 years. As in all Despots, persecution, which is always directed outward, inevitably turns on itself. It was a Jesuit, Gabriel Malagrida, who was burned at an 'auto' in 1761, in Lisbon - SEE: INQUISTITION 'The Reign of Fear' by Toby Green, St. Martin Press, N.Y..

 R.S. Beal 'The Pubescent Steroid King and His Insidious Holy ship'  Oil   2011(detail)

        OIL (Detail) In Process   sub-title: "the Slave Ship'   26 by 48"  2011


A Visual Extensive-media Interconnected SURREALIST Site

- by the Master Painter-Printmaker R.S.Beal - Includes 4 distinct or seperate site sections: each focusing on specific years, mediums and genres -  SURREALISM 2005 and SURREALISM Oneirical and Classical (Online purchasing-use browser back button) text content - Sardonic Parody and the Primary 'Entry' site located at:  R.S. Beal SURRE'ALISTE (focus on Graphics-Surrealisme' and large MasterWorks-Oils, 2005-11)  

R.S. Beal 'The Age of Innocence' OIL

subtitle: 'The World Greed Apple'

       Working Period: 1972-2013

R.S. Beal  'Footprints in the Sand'  (Study for Oil) 32 by 49"  2013

Charcoal preliminary study for oil, heigthened with white

Robert S. Beal 'Footprints in the Sand'  OIL  39 by 50"  2013

subtitle: Eve After the Fall

R.S.Beal  'The Fools Cap III' (Impoverished)  oil 

30 by 24"  2011

R.S. Beal  'The Fools Cap II'  (Slight of Hand)  Oil   2007

Robert S. Beal  'Three Men on a Stage (Bannana Jesus)  Oil  6 by 10 feet  1981-2011

(Center Detail in Process)

R.S. Beal was a participant in Yuko Nii's and Terrance Lindalls (Random House illustrations for Milton's 'Paradise Lost), historical John Miltons 400th Anniversary Birthday party and show (Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, N.Y.) 2009. His work is in the permanate collection, New York, 'Archives, John Milton, Yuko Nii Foundation.  He was also a selected artist in the International Surrealist 'BraveDestiny' show (Wah Center,N.Y.). Terrance Lindall's original oil appeared in the Magazine 'Heavy Metal'. His work has  been published, both, in Softback and Hardback.

R.S.Beal was one of the Selected Artists to represent the First Generation of veristic Surrealist painters in the National (American/North America) A.S.I. (American Surrealist Initiative)* Saginaw Arts Museum show in 2008 (A limited selection of Surrealist/Visionary Artists from American-North America with International representation). This specific site is interconnected to other short fast scroll Image page-sites with little image to image linking for faster viewing. For full effect quick-scroll each page and maximize screen to avoid horizontal scrolling. Show canceled after selections.

The Site(s) includes a full array of Minor and Master SURREALIST Oils - 'Visionary/SURREALIST Art on Canvas', Intaglio, Pastel and Graphics Medium, including the 'Still life Series' (offsitein Oil (Working Period 1972-2005).  Rep. by rjdixon Gallery (SalesRep) - Inlcudes Online Paypal secure purchasing AND Direct E-mail purchasing.

R.S. Beal  'The Apolloininan Consumption Hand Crank'  Oil   2007

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Studio View

'Shades of Pale Death'  Oil  2005 (detail)


*A.S.I. (American Surrealist Initiative) began in California during the 1980's for the sole purpose of specifically and exclusively studying non-abstract SURREALISM, recognizing traditions in painting, sculpture and architecture which came to worldwide prominence in central Europe during the early 20th century . . .and which formalist modernist art history has all but ignored or 'purposely' misinterpreted EVER SINCE . . . The show orgainized by the Curator of Collections and Exhibitions, at the Saginaw, will represent a selection of works by some of the best 'contemporary Surrealist masters and Surrealist artists working today'. The show is scheduled for Jan.-March, 2008.

R.S.Beal was a participant in the International Surrealist/Art of the Fantastic Wah 'BraveDestiny' show in N.Y., 2003. Published in Volume 3 Artbuzz, 2010 hardback. Poetics in Literary UK TW, issue 4, 1994, GYPSY Fall/winter Anthology, etc.

R.S. Beal 'Homage to Max Ernst'  Conte  1995


R.S. Beal  'Profile Study Self Portrait'  2011

Charocaol heightened with white, conte, pastel on Canson  26 by 19" 

Jhana (Wisdom) - Moksa (liberation) Overcoming the 5 Hindrinces to Liberation

SEE: OFFSITE: Satori, the Buddhist percepts (Wanderling) to enlightenment

R.S. Beal  'Adam and Eve' (from Fuseli)  Etching

Line Etch(FirstState)   9 by 6"  2012

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Anatomy, figure drawing and Mid-America Gallery Ostracization in FineArt (Commentary at Masters LINK)

R.S. Beal is an Internationally recognized Surrealist Master/Painter/Etcher - Primary ENTRY Site - www.beal-surrealiste.com

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 The Dalinian Violinote'

Up-Dated:  March 6, 2013

'Footprints in the Sand'  Oil study     2013

sub-title: 'Eve after the Fall'  (charcoal study for oil)

Robert S. Beal  'Eve After the Fall' (Footprints in the Sand)  OIL  30 by 51"   2013

Subtitle: 'The Third Hand'    - The Sleep of Reason Produces Butterflies -



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