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Bristol & District Commercial House Skittles League

Founded 1927

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Cup Draw

Drawn Matches In Knock-Out Competitions.:

23a In the event of a tie in a Front First knock-out or an All-In competition game one player from each side shall play an additional up of three balls to decide the game and if necessary continue until a result is reached.

23b In he event of a tie in a pairs knock-out competition, both players from each side shall play an additional "up" of three balls to decide the game, and if necessary continue until a result is reached

Playing Rules:

24a The starting time for all games is to be 8 p m and then play is to be continuous. Any team not ready to play by 8 15 p m or not having the next pair ready would be made to forfeit the game.

24b Teams shall consist of no more than twelve players playing 6 hands of 3 balls each, 18 balls in all.

Rule:-  24c  Should a team only have 10 players on the alley they can nominate the 2 lowest players to play again. But if one of the lowest players has left the alley, only 1 player can play. If both have left then your team only play with 10. This rule applies to both Divisions and the 2 players score second time will count in full. .

24d Teams to put on their players in sequence of pairs, home pair first.

24e The team with the highest aggregate score to be the winner. In League matches two points will be awarded to the winning team, the points being shared in a drawn game.

24f In all games the balls and pins of the home team must be used

Skittles Rules:

25a No score shall count until the front pin has been knocked down first by the players ball.

25b If the front pin is knocked down by another pin, it alone of the pins knocked down shall be replaced 25c In the event of a "spare", only those pins standing when the front pin was hit shall be set up again.

25d "Cush pins" shall count in a players score unless previously agreed otherwise by the teams captains.

25e The ball must touch the alley before the second white line, and the player shall have both feet behind the first white line when the ball is delivered. If a player has to be told about foot-faulting, then both captains shall appoint line judges for the remainder of the game. No complaints will be entertained if line judges have not been appointed.

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