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League History

Bristol & District Commercial House Skittles League

Founded 1927

Home Alleys


Cup Draw

Score Sheets:

17a In all matches, League, Cup and Pairs, the HOME team shall send the result to the League Secretary

17b All such score sheets shall be completed on the regulation League Result forms and shall include the full score, the players name, and be signed by both captains They must be received no later than 7 days following the match.

17c In K 0 Cup matches, where the home team/pair fail to comply with rule 17b the game will be awarded to the away team/pair. In League matches, where the home team fail to comply with rule 17b then the home team will be deducted one point from their playing record. Upon a satisfactory explanation being received by the Executive Committee the point may be reinstated.

Disputes and Protests:

18a Any dispute or protest shall only be made on having signed the regulation League Result form accordingly Such protest shall be accompanied by a covering letter giving full particulars, further accompanied by a fee of 1, and addressed to the Honorary Secretary.

18b The Executive Committee shall consider such protests, and if in their opinion the protest is upheld, the fee of 1 shall be returned If, on the other hand the protest is considered frivolous, the fee shall be forfeited.

18c Any member of the Executive Committee affiliated to either team which are party to any dispute or protest will withdraw while the subject is under discussion.

18d It is pointed out to all members that the game should always be played in a social spirit, and the Council hope that no occasion of dispute or protest will arise.

Alterations and Amendments to Rules:

19a No alteration or amendment to these rules shall be made except with the sanction of the Annual General Meeting or of a Special Council Meeting requested by the Executive Committee and must be earned by a one-third majority of those present at the meeting.

19b Notice of any proposed alteration or amendment for consideration at the Annual General Meeting must be sent in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least one calendar month prior to the date of such a meeting, and must be duly proposed and seconded by teams in membership.

19c In the case of a Special Council Meeting requested by the Executive Committee rule 19b shall not apply, but such proposed alteration or amendment must appear on the agenda convening the meeting

Team Front-First Knock-Out and All-In Competition:

20 All teams will be entered for the Teams Front-First Knock-Out Competition. Losers in the first round will be entered in the All-Cup.

Champion of Champions Competition/Cup Winners Cup

21 The winners of each division shall play each other on a knockout basis for the Champion of Champions trophy. The winners of the Front First Knock-Out Competition and the All-In Competition shall play each other for the Cup Winners Cup.

Pairs Front-First Knock-Out Competition:

22a All pairs to be made by the team who may enter as many pairs as they wish. An entry fee of 2.00 per pair will be made.

22b Home pairs to give opponents two dates within seven days of receipt of the draw and their opponents to reply within seven days Pairs failing to do this will be deleted from the competition. Visiting pairs are asked to co-operate by accepting the dates and times the home pair offer owing to alley booking difficulties.

22c Only one substitute is allowed who will then have to continue to play in the competition and no substitute is allowed after the second round is played. The substitute must not have previously played in the competition.

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