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Welcome to my world....

My goal is to communicate my art to the world. Also to help those who wish to build the world with  to make it a better place to live. Art is the Quality of communication. So my goal is to improve my quality of communication which I call art. For you are the true creator of all that is beauty.

When the hard uncertainties of the current times one can always go create the world you want with words, pencils, pastels, paints or just plain crayons.

One creates the life they can have or will have.

Life is creation. Someone once said this: "Splurge on it."

Keep on creating.

I am now studying to be a certified Alexander artist and teacher. To teach the wet on wet oils style that the teacher of Bob Ross made popular. William Alexander was the first on PBS to start this revolution of telling anyone can pick up a brush and paint.

 While I have a tendency to agree with this but there is a bit more involved to become the artist that anyone can be. That is to practice, practice and practice. One day you will find that yes, you can paint like Bob Ross, William Alexander or you will be the next master PBS teacher. Who knows for sure for you create your life and your art. 

This is my web site of my Creativity over the years.  They are in no special order.  The last paintings are probably the most recent ones that I have painted.

I have some of them in my possession but some I don't.

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Peace and Prosperity