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Survivor Pack

BBM is looking to extend its services to not only making custom made bags but bringing to you survivor packs!
Survivor Packs would have all miniature items necessary for on the road survival
.Even if you do not purchase a bag form BBM you can purchase a survivor pack, or any survivor pack item!
You have two choices:
  1. You can create your own survivor pack
  2.  Purchase one that is pre packaged!
Survivor Packs and their items are available by order only and must be paid for within 5 days after ordering!
Payment must be made via, Paypal Money Gram,  Western Union or In Person!

Prepacked Survivor Packs come in two types, both come with condoms
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Survivor Pack Basic:

  • Hand Sanitizer Wipes 10pk
  • Mouthwash
  •  Sunblock 
  • * Feminine Wipes
  • **Deodorant
  •  Tylenol Extra Strength
  • Safety Pins
  • *Panty Shields
  • *Tampon/ Sanitary Napkin
  • Band Aid 8pack
  • *Clean and Clear Oil Blotting Sheets
Survivor Pack Deluxe:
  •  Hand Sanitizer Wipes 10pk
  • Sunblock 
  • *Feminine Wipes
  • **Deodorant
  • 4xTylenol Extra Strength
  • Mouthwash
  • Safety Pins
  • *Panty Shields
  • *Tampon/ Sanitary Napkin
  • Band Aid 8 pack
  • *Compact mirror and brush
  • *Glitter Gel
  • *Clean and Clear Oil Blotting Sheets
  • 2x Hangover cure tablets
  • ***Axe Deodaorant Spray
* Available for Females only
** Female- either Degree Women's or Soft & Dri
     Male - either Degree or Right Guard
*** Available for Males only

Please note survivor packs do not come with pouches.
Purchase a survivor pack and get any undecorated pouch at 1/2price!!!!

*Please note that all prices are quoted in TT$
Select if you would like a prepacked Survivor Pack
Suvivor Pack Basic with Tampon - $70
Suvivor Pack Basic with Sanitary Napkin- $70
Survivor Pack Basic Male - $70
Survivor Pack Deluxe with Tampon - $130
Survivor Pack Delux with Sanitary Napkin -$130
Survivor Pack Deluxe Male - $130
Please select the desired individual items
Sunblock 0.5oz - $12.00
Purell Hand Sanitizing wipes - $10.00
Mouthwash - $10.00
Deodorant -$15.00
Band Aid 8pk - $12.00
Safety Pins - $3.00
Feminie Wipes -$2.00 p/pack
Compact Brush and Mirror -$13.00
Glitter Spray - $15.00
Axe Deodarant Spray - $15.00
Clean and Clear Oil Blocking Sheets - $25.00
Chase's Hangover Cure tablets - $10.00 p/pk
Panty shields - 3p/$1.00
Tampon - $1.50
Sanitary Napkin - 2p/$1.50
Tylenol Extra Strength - $1.50
Condoms 3pk- $7.00
Here is where you can specify quantity of items you would like to order