Battle Of The Wormholes!

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Welcome to the home page of  Battle of the Wormholes, a free online game, in the category of MMO action/RPG. This game is currently in development. An open BETA will be available eventually. Please sign our guestbook if you like our game. Come back soon, and thanks for showing an interest in our game!

The final exe demo version and 2-P competitive demo are fully operational!!! We are about to switch to Java format. However, this will prevent us from releasing new demos until the transition is complete. In the mean time, we plan on releasing other games and series.

Contact Us

Battle of the Wormholes' official e-mail is

E-mail us with comments on the game, if you have found glitches, or if you want to sign up for our newsletter. The newsletter will be sent out whenever a game has been released or Battle of the Wormholes is updated. Please send comments on the BETA when it is released, but do not send spam, especially in the full version (our inboxes will be FLOODED). We will try to respond to all mail.


In 1-player mode you must survive the attacks of randomly generated enemies and kill them to get points. In 2-player mode, players summon enemies in each other zones instead of enemies auto-spawning. Last player standing wins. A demo with radar will also be released after the switch to Java. Please e-mail to report errors and glitches and come back to download the newest demos.

Quote from our tester of 2-P:

"THIS GAME IS REALLY AWESOME!! I LOVE IT!!!!" (he was shouting all the time, as you can see, he liked it. He was playing against another one of our testers.)

Play The Game

High resolution is automatic in the newest demo!

























Instructions and controls can be found in the game. To play, click here.

Play Battle of the Wormholes Demo

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