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This site has been created to enable our residents, recreational cabin owners, seasonal home owners and tourists planning to visit our area, to keep abreast of the Board of Supervisors plans, the Township activities and road maintenance schedules that may require a temporary detour. The site also contains general information and information on recreational opportunities. Barnett Township is a political subdivision of Forest County, Pennsylvania. In a newspaper article on September 14, 2009 Forest County was named as one of the "Best Fifteen Counties to Retire to in the United States" No other county in Pennsylvania made the list !. The Township was founded on January 8, 1854.The current population is 349 with 271 of those individuals being registered voters. The Township is bounded on the north by Jenks Township, on the south by the Clarion River and Jefferson County, on the east by Millstone Township, Elk County, and on the west by Farmington Township in Clarion County. Building/Municipal Permits and Sewage permits are required prior to any development. Structures which are intended to be residences require a Building Permit. All other structures require a Municipal Permit. Structures along the Clarion River in the flood plain have additional restrictions. Please see the "Required Permits" page for detailed information. Our Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) is Russ Braun. Russ may be contacted by calling 814 781-3663. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has ruled that any occupied structure including camper, RV or trailer left on site for more than two weeks needs some type of sewage permit. Please check with our SEO for guidance in these matters. Our monthly meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the second Thursday of the month. All meetings are open to the public and your attendance and suggestions are encouraged. The Township Building and Picnic Pavilion are available for reunions, family or group picnics or other group activities The Township Building/Community Center underwent an extensive rehabilitation in  2015 and air conditioning is scheduled to be installed prior to the Summer of 2016..Rental fee is $75.00 per day. Renters are expected to leave the facility in the same condition as it was when rented. The building is smoke free and of course no alcoholic beverages are allowed. Please call for additional information and to make reservations. The main source of employment in the Township is the timber industry and tourist associated businesses. There are more recreational cabins and seasonal homes in the community then there are permanent homes. In 2005 non-residents paid 61% of the Real Estate taxes received by the township. Several churches serve the Township with additional denomination churches available in nearby communities. The rural practice of church dinners and festivals continues and you will be pleased if you elect to attend these functions in addition to Sunday services. The Commonwealth bought 6,055 acres from the A. Cook Sons Company in 1927 for $640,000.00. Today this land is Cook Forest State Park. There are 1,778 acres of the park within the township boundaries and, depending on the season, there are hiking trails, picnic areas, canoe, kayak, and "tube" rentals, cross country ski equipment rentals, an ice skating pond and a sledding slope. Nature tours and other programs are provided by Cook Forest State Park. Camping, cabin, lodge and convention facilities and varied dining establishments featuring formal dining through hamburger and pizza and ice cream shops are available in the township and surrounding area. There are no carry out malt beverage facilities in the Township. Antique, gift and craft shops along with seasonal flea markets and yard sales abound in the area. The nearest town of any size is Brookville which is the County Seat of Jefferson County and is an eleven mile trip from our southern boarder. The closest shopping center is in Clarion which is the County Seat of Clarion County and the home of Clarion University. It is approximately sixteen to twenty miles away depending upon where you are located in the Township. Brookville and Clarion each have a fully staffed hospital that serves our Township. Dial 911 for emergency response. Although the deer herd is not as large as it once was it is still the main reason hunters from Pennsylvania and many other states maintain recreational cabins or rent lodging during the hunting season. The turkey population is at an all time high and bear, squirrel, grouse, geese, ducks and coyote each provide the hunters an opportunity to enjoy the thrill of a hunt. Other often seen wildlife are bald eagles, golden eagles, osprey, beaver, and an occasional fisher, mink, bobcat and river otter. Tourists also enjoy riding our 26.65 miles of township roads in the evening to view this seemingly unending panorama of nature. Caution should be used when driving on River Road and Belltown Road during the evening, night and early morning hours as the wildlife visit the river for water and may "pop up"over the bank at any time. The Clarion River is known for its large population of smallmouth bass but in recent years trout, although not stocked in this section of the river, are stocked in it's upper reaches and also enter the river from smaller stocked streams along its course and provide an excellent opportunity for the spin, bait and died in the wool fly fisherman. The river has brook, rainbow, palomino and brown trout with the occasional carry over brown reaching as large as the mid to high twenty inch size. There are also channel catfish, yellow perch, sunfish, rock bass, suckers and of course carp in the river. With the increase in the Eagle, Osprey, river otter and merganser populations there are fewer fish in the shallow areas of the river. A children's and handicapped persons trout pond is located on Toms Run in the Park and is stocked on a weekly basis. There is no charge but donations to help with the stocking program are appreciated. The Township makes an annual donation to support this worthy cause. There is a public canoe launch site on the Clarion River accessed off Pa Route 899 in the Township. A "porta - potty" facility is maintained on the site during the summer canoeing season. SAFETY NOTE: The Clarion River is a clear running stream and ,under normal conditions, the bottom can be easily viewed. If the water is muddy it should be considered "running high" and caution is recommended. If you choose to canoe when the water is "running high" PLEASE WEAR your personal flotation device (PFD). ATV's are not permitted to operate on our roads and there are no authorized public ATV trails in the Township but many enthusiasts enjoy the sport on designated trails in the nearby Allegheny National Forest and pickups towing trailers with several ATV'S are a common sight on the week ends. Horseback riding is also permitted in the National Forest and information, permits and maps of the ATV and horseback riding trails can be obtained at the Marienville Forestry Office on Rt. 66 just north of the new prison complex entrance.The office may be reached by phone at 814 927-6628. The Township Board of Supervisors strives to provide safe roads and a pleasant atmosphere for our residents, our recreational land owners and our visitors. We hope our residents will continue to reside in our township and our recreational land owners and visitors will leave with fond memories that beckon them to return once again. The Barnett Township office is located on Belltown Road in Clarington. Current Office Hours are : Monday 8:00AM to Noon and Wednesday 8:00AM to 3:00 PM. We may be contacted by phone or Fax at Area Code 814 752-6231. You may also contact us by Email at Our mailing address is Barnett Township, 2301 Belltown Road Clarington, PA 15828. For township business the Township Supervisors may be contacted by calling : James Castner @ 814 927-8397 : Oscar Eck @ 814 927-8474 : Terry Craig @ 814 927-8795.


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