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We have a team of people working through the night making up wholesale orders for all of the restaurants, health clubs, schools, shops etc that we serve. We offer a 7 days a week free delivery service within the local area at the most competitive prices. We work with you to ensure the required produce is sourced at the best price and delivered at the right time. With fresh produce such as fruit and veg, there really is nothing that we cannot help you out with. Our bread and cakes are first class and delivered to your door before opening time to ensure you do not miss a single customer. From our dairy department we have any cheese you require, milk and cream, butter - you name it. Our meat is top quality and whether you require a budget pack of 5lb bacon or a high end steak, the taste will have your clients coming back for more. We also carry a large range of food service products such as 20litre oil (also available in 5, 2 & 1 litres), A1 catering tomatoes, 5 litre bleach & wahing up liquid and so on. 

For more information please call us on 01268 288886 or email