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05-14-2010010253PM.jpg picture by moonflwr63
Newest design - Something Blue!
White pearls and silver-line seeds. I added a gorgeous blue leaf charm.
Made with stretch cord so one size fits most.


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Welcome to my Barefoot Boutique ~ I specialize in creating unique handcrafted Barefoot Sandals, Foot Jewelry, Anklets & Toe Rings. Go Barefoot or with sandals in Style!!  Come see over 50 styles of our unique Barefoot Sandals. Our Sandals go great with toe rings or just plain barefoot. I also make matching slave bracelets, earrings, and circlets.
Meet the Artist
Tina Thomas is a native Pennsylvanian, and makes her studio in her Pittsburgh home. She is self-taught and has been designing and creating her own jewelry on and off for several years. Her inspiration is taken from the world around her, natural and man-made.
Tina believes that jewelry should be fun, meant to be enjoyed by the wearer and admired by others. Her emphasis is on hand crocheted and beadwork pieces. They are labor intensive, but she enjoys the process of making them and they are highly unusual.
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