KIT - A Biography Of My Mother

by J.H. Dawson

KIT - A Biography of My Mother can be purchased in hardback or downloaded free here 

You are about to read about my Paternal Grandmother's life, Catherine Dawson (nee Smith) 1885 -1970, living in and around Manchester.  This was written 13 years ago by my father, Catherine's youngest child, who, despite not having very much education for reasons you will come to understand,  has managed to write 27,394 words about his beloved mother.  My father promised KIT that one day he would write her story and so he has.   He is now 83 and I promised him I would publish KIT's story for the world to read, as a testament to my grandmother KIT and my wonderful father Joseph Henry Dawson.

So here it is.

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Pearl Naylor

Grandaughter of Catherine Dawson (KIT)

This work is copyrighted (2007) to J.H. Dawson and   P.Naylor and may not be reproduced without express permission.

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