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It is time that we as a denomination and the Christian religion put behind these old beliefs that we shouldn't get involved with  State affairs. We as a religion has seen this Christian Nation fall from its moral foundation because of that old belief. It is time to support one of our own, Mike Huckabee! He is a Baptist preacher with great morals and dignity. So support a true Southern Baptist today by donating and casting  your vote for the "Christian One" on election day. - I Like Mike!




 February 10,2008- Huckabee takes 4th in Florida and appears to be dead in the water. Then on Super Tuesday the day the experts say you have to have money to compete Huckabee gave us a surprise. The Governor with no money took 5 states and placed second in many others. Sweeping the south Huckabee continues to pursue the nomination. On February 9th Huckabee did a clean sweep of Kansas and taking another southern state called Louisiana. He also placed second in the second most secular state in the union, Washington. McCain barely won Washington by just a couple hundred votes. Huckabee also barley won Louisiana with 43% of the vote compared to McCain’s 42%. Louisiana is a lot like Virginia. It has a very liberal city and is covered with military bases. Virginia is also full of rural southerners and Christians just like Louisiana. What you saw happen in Louisiana is what’s going to happen in Virginia. Huckabee or McCain will win by a narrow margin. Huckabee seriously needs to win Virginia to appear as a viable candidate. If he is able to win Virginia he will move on to Texas for a big victory. I’m calling out to all Baptist and all Christians! If you live in Maryland, D.C., and especially in Virginia you need to go vote for Mike Huckabee! We need you to keep his campaign and my dream alive. Thank you Baptist and Christians for supporting the only true consistent Christian Conservative. I’ll post updates as they come in. Go Huckabee!

Florida Time

 January 21, 2007- Florida for Giuliani? Florida for McCain? Florida for Romney? Florida for Huckabee?  My home state is split. Huckabee winning Florida is very unlikely but it is possible. McCain has a good shot but with 0 and I mean 0 independents voting it may be a little hard. Giuliani’s popularity is static just to the tip of Florida. Romney will do well but his base is too small for a win. In the very tip of Florida (Miami, Sarasota, West Palm, Key West) a poll was taken and the result follow: Giuliani 31%, McCain 26%, Romney 18% and Huckabee 12%.  Central Florida (Ocala, Tampa, Orlando) poll results are the following: McCain 24% Giuliani 23% Romney 21% and Huckabee 20%. North East Florida (Jacksonville, Daytona) the poll showed: McCain 27% Huckabee 22% Giuliani 18% and Romney 15%. In the Big Bend Region (Lake City) Huckabee 32% McCain 24% Romney 17% Giuliani 11%. In the Panhandle of Florida (Tallahassee, Panama City, Pensacola) these are the following results: Huckabee 29% McCain 24% Romney 14% Giuliani 13%.


In the five main regions of Florida you have different leaders and voters. There are 1,382,840 Republican voters in south Florida. South Florida republicans will be split between McCain and Giuliani. They are both competing for the same vote. These two fighting it out will help Huckabee in the long run. In Central Florida there are 1,504,975 registered republican voters. This area is a big mix of your southern and Christian voters. Then you have a huge midwestern voting block. You still have a lot of Northeastern transplants. You also have 8% of the republican vote coming from Mormons. This region has the highest Mormon voting block than any other region in Florida. McCain and Giuliani will really fight it out here for a make or break among our northern transplants. Romney will really have to do good here to get a second place showing. Huckabee has to pull out the Christian vote to supplement his strong showing in the Northern part of the state.


In the northeast part of the state there are only 442,593 republicans. Huckabee has to get a very strong showing and bring out the large Evangelical population in the Jacksonville area. In the Big Bend region there are 33,842 republican voters. Most of these voters are republican because they are Christian. Even though the republicans here are small every vote will matter. Huckabee picking up an extra 20 thousand votes will make his rise a little easier. Last but not least the panhandle of Florida. This region only has 338,547 registered republicans. This region in Florida has a huge Evangelical population. These voters are the most conservative voters. The good news is that even though they are smaller in number the have a habit of having the best turnout. Central and South Florida makes the panhandle looks like a dwarf number wise, but south and central Florida voters do not turn out in mass numbers like the voters in the panhandle. The panhandle will be a fight between McCain and Huckabee. This region is identical to South Carolina.  Thompson needs to drop out so that Huckabee can pull double digits over McCain. With no Thompson and no independents McCain will loose ground in the panhandle to Huckabee. You will also have McCain fighting for the same votes with Giuliani in the south. This will help McCain’s odds dwindle.


Crunch time with the numbers! If the election was held today and every republican voted then Huckabee would receive 673,313 votes. That is 18.2% of the vote. Romney received 684,494 votes or 18.5% of the vote. Giuliani received 902,225 votes, which is 24.4% of the vote. The possible winner is McCain with 25.1% of the vote. He receives 929,605 votes. That is if Thompson doesn’t pull he’s expected 9% of the vote or 333,325 votes. Thompson drops out he’ll still get about 125,000 votes because of absentees and early voting. Huckabee is expected to get 65% of Thompson support and McCain will get 23% of his support. That alone would put Huckabee in third over Romney. Then you need to account that central and south Florida votes will not be that great in number. This will give the Panhandle, Big Bend, and northeastern regions of Florida a higher percentage of the votes. 


Huckabee winning Florida is unlikely. Best scenario is Giuliani wins and Huckabee is second. This will make McCain and Romney look unelectable in a general election. The race will stay scrambled and Huckabee will look a lot better. Huckabee winning Florida would be a miracle from God Himself. If God can stop the rotation of the earth for three hours so Israel can win a battle. If he can create everything we see including creating you and me. Then anything is possible. Numbers can change.  Peoples mind will change. All you and I can do is pray and campaign. So let the fun begin!!!

South Carolina Results

 Huckabee takes second place. McCain wins with 33% of the vote. Huckabee is in a close second with 30%. Thompson took third with 16% and Romney took 15%. With the results in the IF question comes to mind. What IF there was no Thompson. What IF there was no independent voter. Well, surprisingly independents came out to vote. They made up 20% of the voting block. McCain always does well with these moderates. Only 30% of McCain voters were in fact Republican.  Also Thompson did take away from Huckabee. Thompson took 64 thousand votes. CNN estimated that if he had dropped out that McCain would have taken only 7 thousand of those votes. Huckabee would have taken 45,000 of those votes. The other problem was the lack of turnout among Christians. Christians only made up 54% of the vote. In 2000 Christians made up 68% of the primary votes. So with these three ingredients McCain took South Carolina with 145 thousand votes next to Huckabee’s 133 thousand. Now with South Carolina behind us it is time to look onward to Florida.

Michigan Results

   January 16, 2008- Michigan votes and the results are mixed. Huckabee finished third. No surprise unfortunately with a third place showing since the man didn’t campaign in Michigan. Romney wins Michigan with ease. McCain failed because independents and Democrats didn’t turnout. This is bitter sweet for Huckabee. Romney winning gives him more reason to stay in the race and could hurt Huckabee in Florida. Romney with his flip-flops and Mormon religion decided to skip South Carolina.  Romney defeating McCain helps Huckabee in South Carolina. McCain is barely leading there and with a lost this could bring him down a notch.  McCain does not have the independent support in South Carolina like he did in Michigan and New Hampshire. McCain winning South Carolina is possibly but the odds are turning against him. 70% of the Republicans in South Carolina attend church very Sunday. That is great news for Huckabee.  Huckabee can emphasis his Evangelical heritage, and his down home Southern hospitality in South Carolina. This will help him beat McCain in South Carolina than it would help him in Secular Hampshire.   Romney beating McCain in Michigan may be a blessing in disguise. The only other news out of Michigan is how poorly Giuliani and Thompson did. Thompson didn’t campaign there either but his recent surge among Republicans must have dwindled. Giuliani did the worst. This is a state that would be more favorable to him than  Iowa, South Carolina, and even Florida. Well these are results in percentages of Michigan voters:

Romney- 39%

McCain- 30%

Huckabee- 17%

Paul- 6%

Thompson- 4%

                                     Giuliani- 3%

Michigan is Key

                                       Michigan is Key


January 13, 2008- Michigan is going to be playing a key role in the outcome of this election. If McCain wins he could take out Huckabee in South Carolina.  Romney wins he’ll come out strong and the Republicans will still have 6 candidates to chose from.  Huckabee wins then the nomination will look pretty much tied up. If he could take Michigan then he’ll glide through South Carolina and possibly take out Giuliani in Florida who’s not doing all that well in that state. McCain winning will not be good for Huckabee. McCain already appears stronger than Huckabee and it will all depend on South Carolina for our Christian man to continue. Huckabee winning Michigan is key to him going to the White House.  There are two types of voters Huckabee depends on. He depends on the middle class and poor voters. These people tend to work in factories.  Huckabee with his media labeled “populist” message is doing well with those voters. He has pick up 2 union endorsements in Michigan. One union consists of 160,000 union workers and retirees.  A ballot was sent out to all of them of who they would like the union to support in this primary election. Huckabee won with an overwhelming margin. 1/3 of the union members are registered Republicans, but in Michigan their registered Democrats and Independents can vote in the Republican primary (since the democratic candidates have skipped Michigan’s primary.) This is a big win for Huckabee. Some other Republican presidential candidates said that this proves he’s a liberal for getting these endorsements. I don’t care what they think as long as he beats them. Also Huckabee pulls from the Christian voters.  30% of the Republican voters in Michigan will go to a Christian church every Sunday.  New estimates are now coming out of Michigan that nearly 40% of Republican voters will be devout Christians. Huckabee took half of the Evangelical votes in Iowa. With Thompson not campaigning there Huckabee is liable to take more than half of the Evangelical vote. Huckabee has a great shot in taking Michigan, but the latest polls is not that good of news for Huckabee. RCP average is the following for Michigan:

Romney- 26.2%

McCain- 25.3%

Huckabee- 16%

Huckabee has fallen lately, which is surprising. These polls do not account for the Democrats or Independents likely to vote in the Republican primary.  In the turnouts of supporters Romney is hurting. He prepared a speech in a college auditorium for 500 people or more. Only 150 people showed up to hear Romney speak.  McCain is having good turnout with every group having 350 people to 800 people. Huckabee is having the best turnouts. One meet and greet only expected 50 to 100 people, but over 300 came out. In one forum Huckabee’s camp expected 500 to 700 turnouts, but 1,300 people showed up to hear Huckabee speak.  Iowa RCP average polls had Huckabee dropping in the latest polls having Huckabee at 29.7% and Romney at 29.3%.  When the votes were cast Huckabee took 34% and Romney took 25%. I can see Romney dropping 2-4 points when the votes are cast in Michigan. I also can see Huckabee jumping 3-6 points easily. McCain I guarantee you will stay the same. Polls, experts and even Huckabee cannot tell you with 100% accuracy who will win. None of those men have any control over what’s going to happen Tuesday. I can tell you though that it’s all in God’s hands. He will decide who will win and who will be our next president. So my advice is not to worry about it, just vote Mike Huckabee for President.

  Fox news held a debate on January 9th 2007.   The supposed winner was Fred Thompson. This could spell bad news for Huckabee in South Carolina. Thompson is trying to pull from Huckabee’s social conservative support. Thompson labeled Huckabee as a liberal. This is not true or I would not be supporting him. Thompson is desperate to gain momentum to win South Carolina’s primary.  South Carolina is Thompson last stand. RCP poll average in South Carolina is this:

Huckabee- 27.8%

McCain- 22.5%

Romney- 16.5%

Thompson- 9.3%

McCain lost South Carolina to Bush in 2000. Many conservatives do not trust McCain and this will be a hard state for him to win. Thompson is so low I’ll doubt he’ll be able to make a comeback quickly. He could do well but will he be pulling support from Huckabee or McCain is yet to be seen. Most South Carolina voters have already made up their mind.  Huckabee will probably win South Carolina hands down but anything is possible. Thompson making this comeback will be shot lived. Remember how Thompson does not attend church. His second wife is younger than his children He’s made the following stands. This youtube video’s are short but watch how he is not a true social conservative.


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The following video is of Huckabee at his best Thursday night at the debate. Huckabee did place second in the debate. Thompson cannot take the nomination because his momentum would arrive to late, but McCain and Romney still could have a shot. So Huckabee beating them in this debate is great.


   Romney lost Iowa and New Hampshire. This is great news to us Christians who don’t want a flip-flopping Mormon in the White House. Huckabee took Iowa with 43% of the vote. McCain took New Hampshire with 33% and Romney with 31%. Huckabee beat out Giuliani for third with 12% and Rudy had 9%.  Next primary is Michigan on Tuesday and that Saturday its South Carolina. Huckabee is tied for first in Michigan with McCain and Romney. RCP Poll has the average results like this:




Romney’s dad was governor of Michigan and McCain took this state against Bush in 2000. Huckabee is doing great among the strong Evangelical support. Christians make up 35% of Michigan primary voters.  Michigan is the last stand for Romney. If McCain wins it will add to his support in South Carolina. If Huckabee wins Michigan he’ll glide through South Carolina and enter Florida as the strongest contender.

Huckabee wins debate!

   November 28, 2007 —The survey of both Iowa and Florida Republicans conducted by InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Research showed Mike Huckabee the winner of tonight's CNN/YouTube debate. 

The Florida survey conducted with the Florida Chamber of Commerce showed the following results:

Huckabee: 44%
Giulani: 18%
Romney: 13%
McCain: 10%
Thompson: 5%
Paul: 4%
Hunter: 1%
Tancredo: 1%
Rest: undecided 

The survey of 341 Republicans who stated they were undecided, intended to watch the debate and agreed to phone in their opinion immediately after the ending was weighted for age and gender.  It has a margin of error of +/- 6%.  

 A survey of Iowa Republicans of over 1,035 Iowa Republicans taken in the last twenty minutes of the debate showed Huckabee the winner in that state as well.  The numbers virtually mirrored Florida.  They were:

Huckabee: 32%
Romney: 16%
Giuliani: 12%
McCain: 10%
Thompson: 7%
Paul: 6%
Tancredo: 2%
Hunter: 0%
Rest: undecided

Interestingly, the Iowa poll did not survey only undecided voters.  Yet, both a survey of undecided voters in Florida and a general survey in Iowa showed Huckabee the winner. This show little support for some candidates.

Endorsements 4 Huckabee!


    This is the list of Southern Baptist Preachers who have officially endorsed Governor Huckabee for president. I’m happy that more and more pastors are paying attention to politics.  In the coming days I expect more endorsements for the Governor. If you would like to join these pastors you can go to Huckabee’s website and donate and get involved. If you are a pastor and would like to join the pastors who have already announced you can go to and place your endorsement. I would like to thank all the pastors listed below for your much needed endorsement and all the pastors who have endorsed our next Christian president.

-  Dr. Jack Graham – Plano, Tex.  (Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church and former President of the Southern Baptist Convention. )

-  Dr. James T. Draper Jr. – Colleyville, Tex.  (Former Pastor of First Baptist Church of Euless, TX and former President of the Southern Baptist Convention as well as long time President of Lifeway the publishing house of the SBC)

-  Dr. Jerry Vines – Woodstock, Ga. (Former long time pastor of First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida and President of the Soutern Baptist Convention.)

-  Dr. Daniel L. Akin – Wake Forest, N.C.  (current President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary a SBC seminary in North Carolina)

-  Dr. Jay Strack – Orlando, Fla. (Prominent Southern Baptist evangelist. )

-  Dr. Billy McCormack – Shreveport, La.  (Southern Baptist pastor and founding National Board Member of the Christian Coalition.)


The List below consist of other Baptist and Christians you have endorsed Huckabee. These men and women live their lives fighting for the Christian faith and our morals in America. Each of the men and women listed below are leaders of an organization. Their sites and organizations will keep you informed of Christian battles in America and around the World. Some of the endorsements are also pastors of other dominations who have embraced the Christian candidate.


  • Baptist leader Rick Scarborough (Endorsement Article)  Rick is founder and President of American Vision.  A pro-family organiztion endorsed by men like Dr. D. James Kennedy.
  • Don Wildmon founder/ former President of AFA, the American Family Association(Endorsement Article
  • Randy Alcorn, Christian Author (Endorsement Article) strong pro-life advocate
  • Justin Taylor of Between Two Worlds - (Joint Endorsement Article)
  • Joe Carter of Evangelical Outpost
  • Matthew Anderson Mere Orthodoxy
  • Chuck Norris (Endorsement Article)
  • Janet Folger of Faith to Action (Endorsement Article)
  • Jack Graham of PrestonWood Baptist Church, Plano, TX (Video 11/4/07)
  • James Robison, Life Outreach International (Endorsement Article)
  • Keith Butler, Pastor - Word of Faith International Christian Center in Michigan
  • Matthew Staver, Founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel
  • Dr. James T. Draper Jr. – Colleyville, Tex.
  • Dr. Jerry Vines – Woodstock, Ga.
  • Dr. Daniel L. Akin – Wake Forest, N.C.
  • Dr. Jay Strack – Orlando, Fla.
  • Dr. Billy McCormack – Shreveport, La.
  • Stephen Strang, publisher of CHARISMA, CHRISTIAN LIFE, NEW WOMAN, NEW MAN magazines (Magazine Endorsement)
  • Jerry Cox, President of Arkansas Family Council – Little Rock, Ark.
  • Jim Pfaff, President and CEO of Colorado Family Action – Castle Rock, Col.
  • Kelly Shackelford, President of Free Market Foundation – Plano, Tex.
  •  Phil Burress, President of Citizens for Community Values – Ohio


Baptist Rise

                     Sorry I’ve been out so long, but don’t worry I have not let my Huckamania die out.  I’ve been busy lately but I’m ready to get started back on the campaign trail.  The Southern Baptist convention has yet to endorse a candidate. According to their secretary they are not able to get involved in politics. The domination is not allowed to endorse a candidate, but the pastors and officials can on their own time talk about whom they will be supporting.  So far Baptist preachers have been scattered among the candidates. Some have endorsed Thompson, Romney and even Giuliani. Huckabee is being seen as the best candidate but he’s not electable according to one of my local preachers. Southern Baptist everywhere seems to know very little about the Baptist preacher running for president. Protestants alone could hand the republican nomination to Huckabee since we make up around 35% of the Republican votes. This Southern Baptist will be speaking out for all Baptist, Christians, and Republicans for Huckabee. Christianity lately has been lost and confused about its role in politics. Androgen Rogers gave a Sermon once stating “Not voting in a free election or not knowing your candidates and being ignorant to your elected officials is in fact a sin since your possibly passing your country over to the devil”. As a religion we were quit in politics in the 60’s and now we reap the fruit of our laziness.  Now we have a man who could change our country back to traditional Christian values and where are the Christians! James Dobson has yet to endorse Huckabee and keeps stalling for some unknown reason.  The Southern Baptist convention refuses to give any comments on politics and Baptist preachers are running around with their heads chopped off on who to back for the Republican nomination.  In the Bible Jesus gave a parable about a farmer who threw seed out to grow a crop. Some seed lands on the ground but weeds choke the crop out. Some seed is thrown on stony ground but the heat bakes the crop and without roots the crop withers away. Some other seed lands on the road and is trampled away. Some seed lands on fertile ground and the crop blossoms. I see evangelical Christians throwing support to Romney but Mormons will be the weeds to choke out their Christian cause. Some Christians will throw support to Thompson but the secular conservatives will trample them on social issues. Some Christians will throw support to Giuliani but when he is faced with social issues there will be no common roots and his personal beliefs will bake them away. Some Christians like me and you will throw support to Huckabee and the ground will be fertile and our conservative principals will grow and be bless.  So I ask each Baptist or Christian to not only back one of our own, but to ask your preachers and congregation to back Governor Huckabee. You can go to his website and print out flyers to place in your church lobby. You can talk to your Sunday school classmates about Huckabee or even show them a video from youtube. The more you get his name out and show your support the more people will follow in your foot steps. Please, I beg of you Baptist to support one of your own. He may be our last chance to save this great nation. The Pharisees ignored the signs and missed their savior Jesus Christ. We too as a Baptist denomination and Christian religion are ignoring the signs and may repeat history by letting Huckabee’s nomination falling to the waist side. Stand up for the moral America and broadcast your support for Huckabee today!

Ames Iowa

Huckabee placed second in Ames Iowa. He recieved 18.1% of the total votes. Brownback, who is also trying to pull socail conservatives, and a fight for second, placed 3rd  with 15.3% of the votes. Mitt Romney won with only 31.5% of the votes. Huckabee placing second will give him a new look and more media attention. This very well could through him in the top tier position. This news is big to all Huckabee supporters.

Florida has moved its primary to January 29, pushing its states importance ahead of the others. Iowa is on January 14, Nevada is the 19 and South Carolina Democrats is also the 29th. Florida is now playing a key role in deciding who will be our next president.

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