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Reply Jeremy Duncombe
3:15 PM on September 9, 2014 
Hi Ben, I bought five point of lay hens from you last week. They are nice healthy birds, and they settled in very quickly. The first egg arrived today, from one of the Mendlesham Rangers. I was impressed with the quality of service ( and your sensible prices compared with some other local suppliers. I will be back for more next year.
Reply lucy
4:46 PM on July 20, 2014 
5 chickens from you living happy 'life of riley' in great run you built for us. Been given 2 pol hybrids & need to introduce them into flock. Been in separate run inside main one, but aggression still continues towards them ater 6 days, even when free ranging out of run. Should we risk putting them in roost box at night with others--or will they kill them?
Reply Brian
3:02 AM on July 9, 2014 
Thanks Ben for the advice you gave me about Red Mite, partially took hen house apart and sprayed with Jeyes fluid and after it had dried and aired I dosed it with Diatom and have not seen any since. The lovely hens you supplied me settled in very quickly with my remaining two after a couple of minor squabbles. Thanks again for your help.
Reply Mandy
8:42 AM on June 24, 2014 
Thank you Ben for my lovely Fenning Cou Cou(s) and Sussex Blacktail(s) only two days in and already they are friendly and starting to learn how to go up and down the ladder to their new home. One has alreadly laid the tiniest cute egg! Thank you also for clipping the wings at least they can't roost too high now and I can keep them safe when its the end of the day and time for bed. They look so healthy and it shows how much care and attention you give them - fantastic! Just an absolute joy! Thanks again!
Reply Phil
2:02 PM on June 15, 2014 
Thank you for your service today, the 2 chickens are settling in nicely !
Reply Cherie Fox
6:33 PM on May 8, 2014 
What a lovely website! You have some beautiful looking birds and also henhouses. I love the runs you build. They look very substantial and attractive made with those log uprights.
Reply Scott
3:00 PM on May 7, 2014 
Bought six hens Sunday ,2 Fenning white ,1 black ,1 heritage skyline ,1 cou cou and one black tail.got them home clipped their flight wings and put in their house. it's funny how shy they are compared to the established flock we had.All settled in and looking nice,first egg today.The Black tail is so friendly ,coming to be hand fed and sitting to be petted.Would like to thank Ben for his professional service,would have liked to chat more with him but he had customers by 9.40 on a Sunday morning. Thank you and would highly recommend
Reply Nancy
1:44 PM on April 18, 2014 
Visited today and bought two Mendleson Blues. They are great chickens and was very impressed with the service, even when I phoned later with a quick question they were happy to help! Thanks
Reply David Slucock
12:01 PM on February 25, 2014 
I went to Ben for advice about quails,very informative and knowledgeable.i ended up seeing some chickens and couldn't resist buying two mendlesham blues,very nice birds to join my existing flock.thankyou Ben and see you soon for some quails.i would highly recommend buying from Ben. Thankyou
Reply Ben
5:23 PM on December 14, 2013 
Kay Ryan says...
I have an elderly hen she is about 5 years old and lives with 2 others that we bought from you earlier this year, she is a Mendlesham Ranger and appears to have dandruff, she did moult a couple of months ago. Does she need a supplement?
This is quite normal and particularly in moulting chickens. The 'dandruff' you refer to is just the casings of the feather quills. It is a good idea to add a little cod liver oil to their feed at this time as this aids feather growth and condition. Ben. Hen House Poultry This is quite normal when chickens moult, the 'dandruff' you refer to is just the casing of the feather quills and you often find this underneath their perch. When chickens are going through the moult it's a good idea to stir in a little cod liver oil to their feed as this aids feather growth and condition. Ben. Hen House Poultry