Ballyhalbert History

Shops, Services and Public Houses over the years in Ballyhalbert


Joe Hagan - Butchers Shop - beside Billy Lyon's pub Shore Road

Alfie Moore - Pony and Cart greengrocery - Shore Road beside Lyon's pub yard

William Shaw - Pony and Cart - Greengrocer.  Kept them at 69 Harbour Road

Sammy Davis - Chemist Shop - 47 Harbour Road

Jim Bailie - Cobbler - Baylands, Shore Road

Bob Caughey - General Store - High Street

Mrs. Moore - General Store - High Street - Community House site

Mrs. Moore - General Store - 47 Harbour Road

Johnny Whitla - General Store - High Street, next door to Orange Hall

Mrs. Bennett - Ice Cream and Sweets - Community house site

Johnny Weir - Draper - High Street, next door to Robert Caughey's present day store

Susan Hastings - Grocer - High Street; also distributed embroidery

William and Neill - Shore Road - oil cart and grocery van

William Moreland - Mill at The Burn (Clydesburn)

Willie Cavan - Milkman - High Street, opposite Orange Hall

Mrs. Black - Sweet Shop - High Street, beside The Nook.

Frank Lawther - Blacksmith - The Burn

Billy Lyons - Public House - corner of High Street / Shore Road 

Bells Pub - Shore Road - (Ship Inn)

Mrs. McWhirk - Off Licence - Shore Road (Alex Montgomery's house)

Henry McCormick - Grave Digger - High Street

Palmers Workshop - Carpenters - Corner of Moat Road / Harbour Road

Nancy McMsster - sold ICe Cream from a house next door to Ship Inn - Shore Road

Mrs. McClements - sold milk from house next door to present day Bill Mularchey - Shore Road

Mrs. Annabella Keenan - Midwife - Harbour Road

Hugh Bailie - Milkman - Moat Road

Mrs. L. Kirkpatrick - Grocery - 47 Harbour Road

Mr. Moore - Tailor - old school residence High Street

Susan Hastings (Sen) - Grocer - 61 Harbour Road; Tommy and Dorothy Pattons present day home

Mr. D. Boyd - Taxis / Driver - High Street opposite Orange Hall

Mr. Jack McMaster - Taxis / Driver - High Street (Dolly Adair's present day house)

Mr. John Montogmery - Taxis / Driver - High Street

Mrs. A. Johnston - Chemist - High Street opposite the Nook

Miss. L. McMaster - Post Office - High Street opposite the Nook

Miss Stewart - Post Office - High Street

Miss Mary O'Neill - Post Office - Shore Road

Mrs Lily Burns - Post Office - Harbour Road, former petrol station

Mrs. Monan - Post Office - High Street (current Centra Store)

Mr. Robert Caughey - General Store / Post Office - High Street


The above information was supplied by Mrs. Jean Clarke in 2005