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SKB's Meaty Dic - English Bulldog

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We purchased our first bulldog, an English Bulldog back in

1994 while living in Memphis TN. Six months later we owned

two additional bulldogs. We moved to Iowa for a few years

and continued to enjoy our bulldogs. A few years later, we

moved to South Carolina and discovered the Valley Bulldog

and also found out that we liked the American Bulldog. We

then relocated back to North Carolina in 2001. In 2002 we

decided to try our luck at raising a litter of English

Bulldog / OEB crosses, since we knew we liked the EB,

although didn't like all the health problems and liked the

OEB, although preferred a dog with a shorter muzzle. Since

that first litter, we've been doing our thing for about

12 years now. We now raise English Bulldogs, Valley Bulldogs,

OEBs and American Bulldogs. Our passion for creating

the ideal bulldog continues. 


The puppy you pick is an emotional investment for you and your family. If you feel
that your circumstances only permit a "lower priced"  puppy, we would suggest you wait
until you are in a better financial position to where you can be a little less concerned about

the price of your puppy.

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