Bailielands Irish Glen Of Imaal Terriers and Jack Russells

True Irish bred Irish Line Glens and Quirky IKC reg Jacks in the West Of Ireland


Glen Rescue Ireland greet 2014 with renewed enthuasiasm despite much heartbreak and loss in 2013. 

The sudden passing of my partner of sixteen years and my mother in June was very difficult.

New Committee , new volunteers have come on board and rallied around to help bring this rescue into accord with what I Marie Mc Neill, the founder always wanted it to be. 

Circumstances have been very difficult for us for a long time but we have still tried to do our best by the dogs and their owners, if you have a complaint please contact us at or even better at 0852420348 myself directly to have it addressed immediately.  

Website is  and a blog at

Dogs in need of fostering and adoption will be featured in the website in detail and links and brief details will always be in my Glens Available page.  In the meantime if you have at glen at risk, want to foster or adopt get onto me at  or 085 2420348



Where to find the latest material

This website was pretty much finished in early 2009, with occasional editing so most of my newer materiual, photos and blog entries are found at the links below. Trying to keep all my stuff on free websites I have set up overflow sites, with links back and forth.


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Conformation judge for the day working terrier enthuasiasm and life long glen man, the very capable Stephen Holmes of Grizzlemarsh kennels gave each and every dog the utmost consideration on the day, many many thanks to Stephen for the great care and deliberation he visibly demonstarted during the judging and many many thank yous for unbeknownst to himself at the time placing so many Bailielands Dogs

3 Firsts out of 5 classes

1st Puppy Bitch   Bailielands Leanbh Orga ( 1yr old)
2nd                     Luck be A Lady At Bailielands ( 10 months )
3rd                       Moonlady's Zuppy ( Sired by bailielands Bruce)

1st Puppy Dog   Bailielands Douglas

1st Junior Dog   Bailielands Oir

2nd open Dog Mayo's limited Edition ( sired by Bailielands owned Gerrardstown Wolfgang.)

see pics at

Many more pics to come and many thanks to the Judge and the Committee for a wonderful day.

Love and Best Wishes xxx


Our Glens

Welcome to the world of Our Glens!

We live in the West Of Ireland with our gorgeous Glens. 

The Irish Glen Of Imaal Terrier is the rarest breed of Irish terrier and in our opinion the best !!!!!




We are interested in the development and recovery of the true Irish Glen, the Working Glen. 

Working strain Glens are smarter, healthier, more engaging, intelligent and worthy of the title of True Irish Glen. 

Our Jacks

Welcome to the World of our Jacks!

We have a little kennel of shorthaired, straightlegged jacks ranging from 8" to 11" in height. 

Our jacks are bred down from working lines of English and West Of Ireland Jacks.

At the moment we are now rearing our first 3rd generation Interim pups, born May 2007.




Our jacks are house pets and farmyard companions, some are incredible ratters and others are complete couch potatoes.

Our jacks have exceptional intelligence, trainability and affectionate sociable natures.

Each one has an individual personality and quirkiness of their very own and yet a distinct 'family' character as they are closely linebred to maintain important type, character and soundness. 


Now here we go..  PRA RESULTS!

My dogs....

Bailielands Bruce, 5 yrs old, ( Wicklow Lad Of Gerrardstown x Coco Chanel ), clear.

Bailielands Cailin Dana, 5 yrs, ( Wicklow Lad Of Gerrardstown x Coco Chanel), clear. 

Bailielands Amhain, 3 yrs, (Bailielands Bruce x Shannon Of Gerrardstown) clear.

Bailielands Dubhcos, 3yrs, ( Bailielands Bruce x Gerrardstown Delight ) clear.

Bailielands Selina ( Sona), 3 yrs, ( Bailielands Bruce x Ballyfoyle Tess) clear.

December Dawn ( Cara ),  6 yrs ( Ballyfoyle Fionn of Threetrout x Ballyfoyle Dawn ) clear.

Gerrardstown Blue Lady ( Ruby), 4 yrs ( Knockroe Big Boy x Shannon of Gerrardstown ) clear.

Shannon Of Gerrardstown 10 yrs ( Threetrout Scooby x Feohanagh Brandy) clear

The Thame Family dogs from Cloonagh, Strokestown!

Bailielands Aoibhinn, 5 yrs, ( Wicklow Lad Of Gerrardstown x Coco Chanel), clear.

Bailielands Golden Girl, 4 yrs, ( Wicklow Lad Of Gerrardstown x Coco Chanel ), clear.

Enda Buckley's dogs from Ferbane, Co. Offally

Ballyclare Max, 2yrs? ( Mc Geoghagan Bran x Ballyfoyle Sky Blue) clear

Sally's Wonder, 3 yrs? ( Bailielands Bruce x Knockroe Poppy) clear

Ballyfoyle Tess ( Sooty) 6 yrs ( Ballyfoyle Luke x Ballyfoyle Banrion ) clear.. 

( ownership transferred to Enda Buckley from myself on the day as Sooty is unhappy in kennels but won't give up bullying Shannon & Amhain in the house )

Gerry Kelly's dogs from Foxrock, Co. Dublin

Caoin of Santryglen 3yrs? ( parentage to be filled in ) clear

Baiielands Lexi almost 2 yrs ( Feohanagh Tahdg x Bailielands Cailin Dana ) clear

Yep !! All Clear !!!! Hooray !!!!

Not Absolute Gospel

Please understand what we have here is drawn on our own experiences and those of others close to us.

There are always other ways of doing things and dogs are lifelong teachers.

I hope this site helps and entertains you and that you are not offended by anything here.

Contact me at if you wish to talk about anything.

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