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Welcome to my site!

Are you a huge fan of Nick Jr.'s The Backyardigans?
Then this is the site for you!!

(I also invite you to visit my newest fansite dedicated to another children's TV show: Raggs! If you love The Backyardigans, you'll love the Raggs Band!)

The Backyardigans on the cover of TV Guide Magazine's Summer Preview Edition, June 2006

There is so much to see and do here!

The staples of this website are, without a doubt, the Song Lyrics pages, separated by season.

Not only can you look up the lyrics to a certain song, but you can also...
-Learn more about the Fab Five on the Characters page.
-Read episode synopses and learn the details about them on the Episodes page.

-Check out other Backyardigans-related websites on the Links page.
-Sign my Guestbook if you would like to comment about my site or propose any suggestions to make this site better.

Personally, I think The Backyardigans is one of, if not the best children's show ever made! The music and songs are upbeat and original, the dancing is very well choreographed, and the characters, not only are they funny and likable, they are very, very cute!
I send my best regards to creator Janice Burgess, music composers Evan Lurie and Doug Wieselman and the whole team that made The Backyardigans possible!
The "Fab Five" (as I like to refer to them) have greatly influenced the way I look at and listen to music...all for the better!!

Enjoy my site!


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