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Babynurse/NightNurse/Newborn Specialist

*   Are you Expecting, New Mom, Sleep Deprived Parent.


Let me Help you


Hi  Im Alicia.  I have been a Night Nurse for 19yrs


Qualifications and Experience

*       Specialize in multiples (twins/triplets).

*       Work with a single baby.

*       Worked with Many families within the New York Tri-State Area.

*       Rotated throughout  Many Parents Groups Such as Manhattan Twins Club, Brooklyn Brownstone Parents of Twins Club, Parkslope Parents, Bococa, Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo Parents Group and Many More.

*       Cpr and First Aid Trained and Certified

*       Experience with preemies, NICU babies, Apnea machine, Trachs, Cleft Palate,Oxygen,Colick and Reflux.


I offer assistance with Breastfeeding and Lactation issues


What does a Night Nurse do?

*        Works 10-12 hours per night

*       Arrives in the evening and leaves in the morning.

*       Night nurses are great if you have been going at it alone for a while, and would like a night or two to catch up on your beauty sleep, or if you'd rather not have someone in your home 24 hours a day.

*       Generally do not do household chores

*       Should clean any bottles that are used during the night and help you to get ready for the next feeding (if you need it) before she leaves in the morning.

*       Documents your baby’s progress and get them on a schedule that works for both parents and baby.

*       For 24 hr care Baby nurses will do everything for the baby/babies and assist care with the new mom.


*       Public Holidays its Time and a half.


My Team and How we operate!

I sometimes get booked up very quickly. I have  a team of Babynurses/NightNurses  that helps me.  

I can always refer you to another Babynurse who are replicas of me and my standards and are successful in getting babies to sleep. My Group has a high record of getting babies to sleep through the night before 3mths. Sleep through the night for us is 7pm-6.30, 7 am.   If you are out of the Nyc tristate area, We can also travel both in the US and Internationally.


My Goal

To assist you with getting your babies on a great sleep pattern which makes both parents/babies lives better. A Well rested Mom = Happy Baby and makes you enjoy your baby/babies.


Every baby is different, what works for a friend may not work for you! Also what every book state was the authors experience and your baby may not agree to follow. Every baby has his/her own mind and the trick is to listen and adjust

Sleep Deprivation is a serious thing


References are available upon request.