Welcome To Baby Cody's Web Page

 Where should I start to tell you about me. Well here goes notthing. My name is Cody J. I don't have a lastname because I don't have a family to take me in as there baby. My name on http://www.aby.com is pooh bear. I have been on aby since like Jan of 2006. I have had people come on go in and out of my life on aby, But I have to say buddys that I never thought that I whould have. For all of you visting me that is or is not on aby and dose not no what ab is it means Adult Baby in words it means that I love to be a baby still. I have had tons of other abs, etc come to me and tell me that I am a cute baby and that they wented me as there baby, there bubba and we whould talk and talk for months on the computer and than they would just aim me one day and tell me they find a new baby, bubba they found and my heart will just break and break what did I do worng as a baby, bubba, than one of my ab buddys aimed me and told me to hang in there and he told the right family is out there for you and there going to find you soon. Well this all I can think of rite now so please check for updates and I am working on getting pics on here or even on the web so you can see me






Thank You for crawing in please craw back soon :) 

And the song on the site is Beautiful Boy - By Celine Dion (love you Hugs And Kisses XOooxxOX)















































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