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Welcome to Azure PSO.

Azure PSO is updated for my personal entertainment. Don't expect rapid progress.

What's New:

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Jan. 1, 11: Eight years. It doesn't really feel like it has been that long on one hand, but on the other, starting out does feel like ages ago.

Jan. 1, 10: Seven years with PSO. I think I'll play a little today.

Mar.18, 09: Holy dick I updated some little things here and there. Nobody cares.

Jan.1, 09: Today marks my sixth year with PSO.

Jan.1, 09: In celebration of the new year, I've actually updated a bit and moved all of the 2008 crap to the Archives page.

Archives to come:
  • Bestiary
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Slots
  • Items
  • Mags
  • Raw Data

Snapshots Needed:

Azure PSO needs your help! If you have any good snapshots of enemies, we would be very grateful, and use them in our Beastiary section with full credit to the photographer. I'm wanting standard size snapshots, not full screen pictures, and I really prefer they be taken using PSO+ for sharpness. Creativity is highly encouraged, but it's preferred that there are no characters in the picture, and that the enemy's full body be captured in the shot, preferrably with it facing the camera. I'd very much prefer that there are no crosshairs in the picture, as well.

We are also looking for good pictures of weapons, visible armors and shields, and mags for their respective sections. Close up shots are highly preferred, without much of the character in them, if at all possible (with the exception of visible armors and shields, of course).

Guides and Data Needed:

Any and all guides and raw data that we don't already have are welcome for submission! Enemy stats, weapon stats, etc. are all very, very welcome. I plan to have a page up for contributors, as soon as there are some! XD

Have a Character Archive of your own! Contact me via AIM at Vismienor by Private Message at Azure PSO's forums for a template.

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