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Remember our hero is "megaman"
which is the password for the videos that requires a password to watch!

2013 - Present Day


Update - Dec 15
For the Latest News follow our twitter account

Update - Dec 15

Megaman NT Warrior and Axess's button Next and Previous has been fix to work properly and all subbed episodes were put into their sections so you can watch in orders with dubbed and subbed episodes.

- Some videos have passwords, the password is the name of our "hero"! Enjoy!

Update - May 21


I have uploaded some more stream videos! and add a video broken link on bottom of all the videos! If it is broken feel free to use it! Some videos have passwords, the password is the name of our "hero"! Enjoy!

Update - April 03

For anyone wondering the pass for the locked videos is megaman.


 Update - Oct 27

unwritten update:
We've a facebook page now!

Update - Oct 04


This site has been reworked and many things are different from the way it was before. But we do have full episodes of Megaman Nt Warrior and Megaman Axess in english dubs! 

Update - Oct 04


hello everyone, just dropped by to say  [That even though everything is kinda screwed don't give up hope! Maybe one day we can band together and finally re-build this site Back to its former glory!]. And that's it.

Update - Oct 02

so.... yea i guess i'll be helping (exp aka Brandon) with any series that need uploading. Oh yea by the way, im back and yup thats it for my little update .

Update - Sep 30


Season one and Season two episodes are uploaded! All of them are dubbed!! So enjoy. I'll start on Stream as fast as I can. So be patient. 

Update - Sep 29
Due to the recent take down of megavideos, most videos on this site is not viewable. 
But I'll try to help re-upload them as soon as possible. 
I'll be posting as much videos as I can.
I've updated this homepage a little..Hope you all will like it!
Megaman NT Warrior Season one is uploaded! All episodes are dubbed. First time this season is on this forum I think, been mostly Axess, Stream and Beast. 
If there any problems feel free to comment on the videos that are broken links or message me about them or click on the contact us button on the top-right corner of the page.


Update - Dec 07

sorry for not being on in quite a while but im gonna download the episodes and ill put it up for uploads if u want it to. 

Update - Sep 13

since stream is gonna take a while, im gonna upload beast. 

Update - Sep 09

Sry it's taking so long but its taking a while for me to upload new episodes, so be patient.