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Plot Summary: The world is at peace again but not for long. Bubbleman, who is frozen by Colonel's Ice Seed in the past suddenly thaws. When he wakes up he finds Trill, a baby NetNavi. Then there is a fight between Plantman and Sparkman, who are supposed to be deleted but they claim to be Zoanoroids and are fighting for Gregar and Falzar, who oppose each other. They are looking for the Synchronizer which turns out to be Trill and fight over him. Meanwhile, the Cybeasts that they serve appear and fight each other in the Net. They repel SearchMan, ProtoMan and Megaman's attempts to fight them. Then Trill runs into Megaman and they Beast Out and become strong enough to repel them.


Now the Zoanoroids are invading Earth from Beyondard, en-masse and attempt may times to steal Trill. Half the series is spent in the regular world, protecting Trill and the other half is spent in Beyondard, searching for him. They find him and fight against the Cybeasts.

Megaman NT Warrior Season 4

Credit: Exp1123, Feralreaper17, Beastsoul

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