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Plot Summary: Months later after the defeat of Dr. Regal, Duo's comet is seen passing over Earth.  While stuck in traffic, Lan and his friends are attacked by giant viruses. Lan and Chaud use Cross Fusion to fight it off. Then Megaman is kidnapped by Bass and he tries to steal his ultimate program. However Protoman arrives and fights him off. Later while fighting more giant viruses, they are brought to Duo's comet where he proclaims that he will destroy the Earth because it is filled with evil. However, Cross Fusion intrigues him and he decides to allow Earth one more chance to live. Bass is then banished to the Undernet by Slur and the Neo WWW is formed. Lan and Chaud gained the Crest of Duo and a new battle is about to start.

Megaman NT Warrior Season 3

Credit: Exp1123, Feralreaper17, Beastsoul

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