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Bible-themed computer games

These are homemade Christian video games.
These games are not copyrighted.  You may download, copy, and distribute them freely.

"Bible defenders"

A simple game of good versus evil.
A Christian "parody" of the Super Mario Bros. games.
Play as one of 4 different characters:
Creation science evangelists Dr. Carl Baugh & Dr. Kent Hovind,
author Gail Riplinger & Pastor Peter Ruckman

About 21 levels.
Kent Hovind himself said of this game:
"It's great.  I love it."

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"soldier of God"

2nd Edition

A bird's-eye-view shooter game starring evangelist Sam Gipp.

Travel through diverse terrains filled with murderous heathen
and try not to get killed before you reach one of the
secret hiding places of the few surviving Christians.

9  levels

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