ATM Dream


Introducing ATM Dream

Have you ever dreamed of a better life, a life where you can generate cash on demand at will any time of day or night?


Well now this can be a reality for you with the ATM dream.


Imagine a life where you can go travel anywhere you want at a moments notice charter across the world and live the life of your dreams.


Well now for you this can become a reality with the advent of the brilliant products and information that I am offering you.


Well you will be pleased to here that the 'cash machine', which can generate cash on demand by way of outstanding bonuses from the products and information I am now offering are now available.


The products and information for an outstanding level of cash generation are available due to the level of demand that has arisen for them.


Do not miss out on this spectacular opportunity and be one of the first to benefit.


For a limited time only the product and information set that can afford you the life of your dreams is available to a select number of people, and for a very limited time the price is 25% of the standard retail price, after the first 250 places are filled the offer will no longer be available at this price and the price will be put back up to 50%.


You can deposit direct to my account for the exceptional price of only 50 GBP or the equivalent amount in HUF if deposit is to MagnetBank. This is just 25% of the standard retail price. Soon after payment you will be directed to a page where you will receive your products and information, which will be directly emailed to you after payment has been received.

 I will personally be teaching and coaching you in your financial quest to become super wealthy for as long as it takes to get you there. This will involve one on one coaching from me online.


All you have to do is deposit money direct to the following account –



IBAN: HU80 1620 0137 1852 4772 0000 0000


When you have done this I will send you a link via email where you will be directed to a page and given the products and information that you need to succeed to such an extent that it will be like a big check with whatever value you can imagine for everything you want from your home (by shopping online or paying in cash)!! once I have succeeded at getting your bank account/s fully loaded !


Do it today before the doors close on this opportunity of a lifetime and before you regret never being let in to my financial coaching programme.


Could this be the solution to your financial worries?


Stop and realize that this is exactly what you need now not tomorrow but now !


Best wishes,


Benjamin Szucs.


PS. For you and you only I will do this at twenty five per cent. But not for much longer, as I won’t be able to hold the price before much longer. It has never been easier to setup and manage payments online via NETELLER online account services and banking.

Just go to and register yourself now so that you don't miss this opportunity!

 If you are unsure of what you are buying into just drop me a line to my email address at and I will write back to you asap and explain everything as soon as I receive your email. 

 Also if you decide that this is a good option (and it is by the way) and you want in then you can send me an email to the same address as above with the header line 'I WANT IN'. And I will respond to your email both promptly and courteously. I will then invoice you via PAYPAL and you will receive this via email promptly. (This is an alternative payment method just so that you know).

Please note that this is not a pyramid scheme. It is absolutely nothing like a pyramid scheme.

You can also direct deposit to:



IBAN: HU83 1177 3425 0390 8653 0000 0000



(Ie. You can pay the equivolent currency to the appropriate account / or I can invoice you via Paypal if you checkout in the webstore)

 Alternatively you can make a donation to my UK account in Sterling:

 Bank: Lloyds Bank

 Name: Mr B Szucs

 Sort Code: 30-99-32

Account Number: 14138560

IBAN: GB60 LOYD 3099 3214 1385 60



Name: Mr B Szucs
Sort Code: 30-99-32
Account Number: 14138560
IBAN: GB60 LOYD 3099 3214 1385 60


I am also involved in Ministry work and so any donations for any amount will be gladly accepted! ;-)