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August 3rd - 2008

Again new finnish review for Dethtime Stories is available. Go see what stalkermusic had to say about us through discography.

June 23rd - 2008

Dethtime Stories reviewed in Go see it through discography section.. We recommend good talent in german. Review auf Deutsch..

May 21st - 2008

Dethtime Stories was reviewed in Go see the review through discography section. Its only in finnish though... 

May 10th - 2008

Dethtime Stories was reviewed in Go read it through discography section. 

April 14th - 2008

Its still been quiet, but we have sent Dethtime Stories for various places to be reviewed and we are waiting reviews to pop up soon. Also some material has been sent to festival organizers, so keep your hopes up. We might end up playing live this summer if all goes well. Eero has been writing Guitar Pro tabulatures of our older songs, so they'll be downloadable here as soon as they are ready. So keep on metalling up your asses!

March 19th - 2008 

We had a little trouble in updating our old site so we put up a new one. These are still unfinished but stay tuned for the future!