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A. Bodies

1. 1985 to current model year

2. No compacts or subcompacts

3. Bodies may be fabricated or stock, must be neat in appearance. A solid non-adjustable spoiler must be attached to the rear of the car. All cars will be permitted to use a rear spoiler not exceeding five (5) inches in height and not more than 54 inches in width, measured around the back side

of the spoiler, and must be attached to and centered on the rear of the car. Spoilers must be solid 1/8 inch metal or 1/4 inch clear polycarbonate and control the flow of air over one (1) surface only. The rear spoiler blade must maintain the same thickness over the entire spoiler blade. Rudders or forward mounting brackets will not be permitted. The rear spoiler angle must be set between 50 degrees and 60 degrees.


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