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For those of you not on the Pro-6 email list, here is a transcript from an email that Shayne Laws from Langley Speedway sent out last night....


Hello all,

Hope everyone is doing great.

Over the past few weeks I have been looking at the Pro-six division during practice sessions and I have a few concerns and I will list them and make a suggestion below

The spoilers are all over the map they are from 45 to 67 inches wide and 4 to 6 inches high = I would suggest that you make a rule for the spoiler to be no wider than 54 inches and 6 inches high. This is a standard over the counter size.

The bodies are getting too creative. The only way to explain is to get everyone together the first race and point out examples.

the rear quarters are being tucked in too far.

the right side doors and quarters are getting to wide at the top creating a down force shelf. This should have a MAX width since you have a offset chasis.

the left side doors are being pulled in too far

too much body/nose overhang on the tires

Starting to get to much sheet metal in the drivers compartments. How will safety get to you in case of an emergency from the right side

Again these are things i am seeing. Please don’t let this class get out of control.

thanks and see you soon




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