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Mark Roberts
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Can we mandate radios? And proficient spotters, no offense to anyone in particular but. Alot of our damage to our pro six cars is avoidable with radio communication and a good spotter. If you have never spotted before and even if you have, get with some of the latemodel teams, get their frequency and listen to how they spot! I know the spotter of the 48 modified is the best I have ever heard and I am sure some of the other teams have good spotters too! Radio equipment is alot cheaper than repairing our cars! I have been told that Langley speedway mandates radios and I have also heard they don't so I am not sure! My opinion is that I do not want my car on the track with other cars who don't have spotters so can we please fix this by the next race?
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S.M.Emerson Motorsports
Posts: 118
Radios only work if driver listens lol

Steven M. Emerson




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joe white
Posts: 11

you know my spotter's radio went dead about lap 10 the last race i ran, and i did fine. but anyway if anybody needs some radios Jonathan white has some for sale. they are basically brand new, he has the car harnest, push to talk, helmet set up and two radios with a headset

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I agree with Mark. Spotters should be mandatory. I have a spotter/driver set for sale as well. As far as I know, Langley does not require spotters, but should. Maybe we can make it a Pro 6 mandate if Langley doesn't ?


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