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How are all the wounded race cars from the last race coming along? Heard the #14 is getting a new body hung and is rebuilding the engine. What about the #29, #27, and #51 ? See everyone on the 25th.

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its going to be close but car is out the shop just needs to be repainted and decaled up. hood got cracked! so got re-fiberglass that and need a  hogs head so i can change my gear easier between southside and langley

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S.M.Emerson Motorsports
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My body fixed I know Perez had a lot of work to b done to his car clip body so let's take easy on each other next race lol

Steven M. Emerson




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Warren Smigo
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Pulling heads of the engine tonight.  Have old junk heads on standby in case valves are bent or cracked.  Best case scenario is a blown head gasket on right side.  We will be there Saturday night.

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