Arrowhead Ridge Miniature Jerseys

Semen For Sale

We have semen available from 2 AMJA&R Foundation Pure Miniature Jersey bulls, and an AMJA&R Halfblood Belted bull.

Our bulls are tested for Bangs, TB, Johnes, BLV, BVD-PI, Listerosis, BlueTongue, Anaplasmosis, Campylobacter, and Trichomoniasis.


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Pvt. Pyle (AMJ183).

Pvt. Pyle's grandparents were imported from the Isle of Jersey, he was 43-1/2" at 3 years of age.

 5 straws for $100.



A/R D Little Professor (AMJ791)

Dam: Riverview SunnyD 

Sire: Riverview Baby LPSQ (aka Son of Little Professor)

Full-Miniature, 36" at 2 years, polled.

$50 per straw, 5 for $200




 A/R Oreo Double Stuff (AMJ790)

Dam: 38" Miniature Belted Galloway

Sire: Riverview Son of Fat Louie

Full-Miniature, 36" at 2 years of age.

$35 per straw, 5 for $140.