22.-23.06.National shows in Rusne, Lithuania

Saturday - judge Aleksandr Shishkin, G-3 judge Livija Zizevske. Armirelli Forces Of Nature "Romy" JCAC, LTJCH, BALTJCH, shortlisted in jun BIS. Truozzy's Hand In Hand "Missy" BOB, BOBV, BIS 3 veteran, G - 4! Armirelli M-Club Hostess "Milli" CAC!.

Sunday - judge Livija Zizevske, group judge Igoris Zizevskis. Armirelli M-Club Hostess "Milli" JCAC, BOB junior. Missy BOB, BOBV and BIS 3 veteran! 

Thank you to the judges and to Margot for company and help in ring!

02.06. Estonian Terrier Club 45.Speciality Show

Truozzy's Hand in Hand „Missy“ BOB, BOB-veteran and Best In Show veteran! Armirelli M-Club Marshal (owner Margit Välk-Ader) BOB junior, JCAC, BOS! Armirelli Forces Of Nature „Romy“ JCAC, BOS junior -> Estonian and Latvian JCH! ARMIRELLI BOB Breeder! Thank you to judge Marian Draganescu, Romania Thank you to owners, Breeder Anne Moilanen, helpers in ring Anneli and Georg! Photo Imre Ader.

01.06. Estonian Winner 2019 show in Luige

Estonian Winner 2019 show in Luige – Truozzy`s Hand In Hand „Missy“ BOB veteran, ESTVW19 and  BOB, ESTW19 under judge Geoff Blyth from Australia. Thank you to the judge! ! Photo Getter Jürlau

18.05.Terrier Speciality Show in Riga

Terrier Speciality Show in very hot Riga. Judge Agata Korpetta from Poland. Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy" BOB, BOB Veteran, Club Winner, Best In Show Veteran2! Armirelli Born Leader "Boora" CAC, BB2 -> Latvian Champion, Armirelli Forces Of Nature "Romy" JCAC, BB3. Thank you to the judge! Thank you to Margot and Oksana for help in ring. Congratulations to Breeder Anne Moilanen!

13.04. Tallinn Winner 2019  

Tallinn Winner 2019“ dogshow : Armirelli Born Leader „Boora“ CACIB BOS, TLNW19

Armirelli Forced Of Nature „Romy“ JCAC JBOS TLNJW19

Truozzy`s Hand In Hand „Missy“ BOBV, TLNVW19

03.04.2019 CACIB Show I Warsaw, Poland

Our beautiful Boora ARMIRELLI BORN LEADER (Armirelli Ever So Cute x Alvolin`s Bacchus) was in Poland International Show in Warsaw  with Margot. She got CAC CACIB BOB Crufts Qualifications -> became Polish CH and International Champion at age 2 years and 4 months. Thank you to Margot for the trip and excellent handling!

Armirelli O-litter born 23 of March


Happy to notify Estonian Terrier Club TOPTERRIER 2018 results of ARMIRELLI team:


AGILITY TERRIER 1 – ARMIRELLI HOT DATE „JANIS“ Congratulations to owner Ingrid Sats!


10.02."Tallinn Winter Cup 2019"

Judge Siret Lepasaar, Estonia

Truozzy`s Hand in Hand „Missy“ BOB veteran and BEST IN SHOW 3 Veteran! Judge Roberto Schill (Romania)

Armirelli Born Leader „Boora“  CACIB Best Female BOS

Armirelli M-Club Hostess „Milli“ JCAC BOBJ

Thank you to the judges and congrats to co-owners !and Anne Moilanen!

09.02.Terrier Speciality Show in Tallinn

Judge Melita Groselj (Slovenia)

Truozzy`s Hand in Hand „Missy“ BOB veteran and BIS 1 Veteran! Thank you, judge Malgorzata Jurek Erenska (Poland)!

Armirelli Born Leader „Boora“  Best Female BOS

Armirelli M-Club Hostess „Milli“ JCAC BOBJ

Armirelli Forces Of Nature „Romy“ BOB puppy with special price and an excellent critiques from judge (hope you will hear more about her soon!)

Armirelli Keep Busy „Hipi“ BB3, handler Anneli Tammik

Congratulations to all involved!

02.-03.02. DUO-CACIB Show in Brno.

 Armirelli Born Leader "Boora" CAC CACIB BOB CZCH. Temora`s American Handshake "Sakke" CAC x 2 CACIB x2 BOS X 2. Congratulations to co-owners Anne Moilanen and Anna Kari! Armirelli Hot Date "Janis" CAC X 2 CACIB Res-CACIB CZCH C.I.B. - Thank you and congratulations to owner/handler Ingid Sats - Janis is our brand new International champion!! Truozzy`s Hand In Hand "Missy" BOB VET X 2 BOB! Thank you to judges Andras Korozs and Jaroslav Kubala! Hugs to Missy`s Breeder Anne Moilanen!

12.01.2019 National Show in Tartu

National  show in Tartu under judge Hans-Erhard Güttner, Germany. Armirelli Born Leader "Boora" CAC, BOS -> EST CH. Armirelli About Truth "Esty" BOB Veteran, BB2 -> ESTVCH - thank you to owner/handler Maria Teng ! Armirelli Second Nature "Kratt" BOB puppy. Armirelli M-Club Hostess "Milli" vg.

05.01.2019 talvematk Jussi matkarajal