The Colonel's Bequest - A Comparisation Between The Non-Interactive Demo and the Released Game

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The backgrounds from the Non-Interactive Demo 
are shown on the left side of this page

The backgrounds from the Released Game 
are shown on the right side of this page

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Note: the released game is version 1.000.046.

There seems to exist only one released version.

>> The Boatdock <<

* The demo is missing the crates on the pier.

>> The Dining Room <<

* Different glass-effect in the two large windows.

* Different mirror.

* The demo has a light effect on the floor in the next room.

>> The Last Will <<

* The way the title is 'written' is completely different.

>> The Entrance <<

* The demo is missing the doorknob.

>> Laura Bow Portraits <<

* In the demo portraits Laura looks clearly older.

>> Lillian Close-Up <<

* The facial expression is slightly different

>> Ethel Prune Close-Up <<

* Besides differences in the mouth area, Ethel's face is also lacking the blush on her cheeks in the demo portrait.

>> Laura & Lillian - Different Suitcases <<

* The suitcases Laura & Lillian are carrying are differently colored.

> Garden Seat <<

* The garden seats are quite different