Arbana Hajredinaj

Visual Artist


Appeared on the visual arts scene in Kosovo with confidence and deterrent, working on large canvases full of energy and courage. Prefers figuration and plasticity, but a reduced and combined one with elements of abstract symbolism and surrealism with peculiar effects. In my art there is a permanent appearance of a “foreign” and “detached” element, usually in the shape of egg, which seems like a capsule bearing the meaning of being against a frightening, anxious, and mysterious universe.
Explores apparitions of a drama that happened in fact, sublimed through visual attraction. Expressive and abstract compositions are tensioned to the level that no longer endures the flatness of canvas. Painting then feels up with objects, wrinkles, garbage, that carefully remained you the source of tension, which can easily be inner disturbance in any of us.


One of Exhibitions to honour of  UNSG Kofi Annan visit in Kosovo. Exhibition was held in the National Gallery of Arts in Pristina in May 2002.The Secretary-General addressed a gathering at the Kosovo Art Gallery where he viewed an exhibit by eight Kosovo Serb and Albanian artists.   


  1 March 2002

SRSG, Michael Steiner, visited the Kosovo Art Gallery in Prishtina.Ongoing was the exhibition "US".




Universes in Universe