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Puppy Kindergarten: 

For puppies 10 weeks to 5 ½ months old.  This is a 6-week course that meets 45 minutes each week.  Puppy communication, socialization, nutrition, stopping bad puppy behavior, teaching your puppy to come when called and how your behavior effects your puppies behavior are just some of the subjects covered.  Designed to prevent bad behavior from becoming bad habits.  Socialization, positive motivation, crate training, proper behavior building, first aid, basic puppy commands, and what you can expect from your puppy are the issues covered in this class.
To clarify age requirements:  the earliest a puppy can start this class is 10 weeks with 2 sets of shots;  the latest a puppy can start this class is 20 weeks.  Exceptions are made for tiny breeds.  


Beginners Obedience

For dogs 5 ½ months or older.  This is a 9-week course that meets 45 minutes each week.  Designed to teach how to control dog with basic commands heel, sit, down, stay, come, and stand, under all conditions.  With your daily practice it is possible for the dog to be performing some exercises off leash by the conclusion of class.  This class also deals with problem behavior like jumping on people, pulling on leash, running away, excessive barking, excessive digging, and basic bad behavior.  This is the basic class for any future training such as hunting, agility, tracking, etc.


Advanced Obedience: 

This class meets three times a week (per your schedule) for 45 minutes to fine tune the skills learned in basic obedience.  Focus is on gaining more control of your pet.  Off-leash control stressed.  Also prepares handler and dog for obedience competition, therapy dog certification and/or Canine Good Citizen test.  Learn how really good your pet can be! 
Walk-ins are welcome!

 Competition Obedience: 

For the serious competitor.  This class immediately follows the Advanced Obedience class on Saturdays and works on those exercises unique to competing in Open competition


Practice of ring procedure to dogs and handlers at all levels. 
Our instructors will create different ring situations that are encountered when showing. 
Learn how to make your dog look even better then before! 
Learn how to look and BE a winner!

NEW!!  Rally 
Learn how to execute all rally signs properly and how to compete in Rally!


Private Training:

By appointment - private one on one training available or
we will come to your home and train your dog. 
Specific behavior problems are addressed. 
"Boot Camp" training is also available, please call for specific information.

Beginners Agility:

Welcome to the wonderful world of Agility!  A fun and exciting obstacle course for dogs that include tunnels, teeter-totters, jumps, A-frames, and more.  This class meets for 8 weeks for 45 minutes each week.  This course is designed to introduce dog and handler to the many different obstacles.  Also teaches the proper techniques for negotiating these obstacles. A great way to exercise your dog and have fun.!
Intermediate and Competition Agility
This class meets once per week for 45 minutes.  Focus on gaining speed and accuracy for ultimate performance.