AOOB Springwood Branch 43 NSW


What Is An Old Bastard?

Day by day enquiries pour in from all States and from overseas:
"What are the Old Bastards (OB’s)and what do we stand for?"

In brief, the Order is dedicated to joviality and good fellowship, and raising money for charity.  Our Watchword might very well be – “WHILST EVER HOPS GROW ON THIS EARTH, LET NO PLAIN WATER MAR OUR MIRTH”.

Visit the main AOOB website for more information.

Do You Want To Be an Old Bastard?

 Membership qualifications are quite simple and demand only adherence to five elementary rules:

Rule 1.    Marital status of parents (not-withstanding our glorious name) is irrelevant.

Rule 2.    It is sufficient to have been acclaimed at least once by friends as an Old Bastard (and what man worth his salt hasn’t, despite his actual age).

Rule 3.    Drinking habits must be jovial and hearty (which includes shouting in your turn, otherwise you will earn the reputation of being a stingy old bastard).

Rule 4.    On encountering other OB’s one must administer a hearty slap on the back, accompanied by the cheerful salutation, “Hello, you old bastard” (some intrepid OB’s feel that a gentle hearty slap would suffice).

Rule 5.    Membership card or badge must be carried on the person at all times. Failure to produce same when challenged by another OB incurs a penalty of one round of drinks for the table – not the bar (be especially careful when getting out of the bath to answer the doorbell – unwary OB’s have been trapped like that before).

If you sincerely feel you can live up to these conditions and henceforth be known as a Good Old Bastard only one thing more is required.

YOUR FIFTEEN DOLLARS NOMINATION FEE (includes GST, membership card & key ring badge) on payment of which you will become a lifelong member of a unique fraternity. Please go to Contact Us page for details.