Age of Empires

The Dawn of Man Expansion

Welcome to the official Age of Empires: The Dawn of Man Expansion website

The Dawn of Man Expansion will be a brand new addition to the Age of Empires franchise, created by the fans for the fans.  The project began its first steps back in 2006, and since has made huge strides in becoming the first complete expansion developed for Age of Empires outside of Ensemble Studios.

After a break in progress the project is now back in development, so check this website for the latest information.

Calling all artists, scenario designers and historians!

Can you create incredible 2D images?  Can you build 3D graphical models?  Are you a wiz at creating Age of Empires scenarios?  Do you have a good grasp of the history of the ancient world?

If you can answer yes to ANY of these questions then feel free to logon to the Tribulation Board, a dedicated forum to our team at Tribulation Designs.  We are always looking for productive input on current projects and applications for new members.  Remember that this expansion is being developed for all fans of Age of Empires, so we invite you to tell us what you want.

Special Thanks

Without the help of the large and active community of Age of Empires fans the project would have not been possible.  A special thanks to goes to:

Tribulation Designs: To all the team members who have added their opinions and knowledge

HeavenGames: To the continued activity of the Age of Empires forum, who have provided valuable insight into their experiences of the 10 year old game, as well as the number of useful tools they have contributed over the years (without you the Tribulation Designs team would have never existed)

Historians: Ephestion, The Lord of Hosts and the other experts at the HeavenGames history forum - thanks for all your knowledge and opinions on the real ancient world

Age of Empires: Of course, thanks to Microsoft and Ensemble Studios for bringing Age of Empires to the world, and all its fans for the continued gaming

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