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                       'Man, through the use of His hands,has the POWER to CHANGE the STATE of his own MIND'.

Don't stop being creative because you work alot and are tired. It is a matter of priority. The time sitting in front of the tv could be spent knitting,making jewelry,etc. It is the time when I create, that I am truly happy and peaceful. One can be creative gardening and cooking too. Use your left brain.You'll be glad you did.


 Here can see some of my current jewelry for sale. I also have some photos of my paintings and photography have done. You can see these when click on images below. I make jewelry in different colors made of semi- and precious stones including emeralds,pearls and garnet(to match your birth stone). I do custom orders for $5. more and ship. I also do jewelry repairs(like restringing a necklace,fix clasp on bracelet If live in Cairo,NY,your item can be dropped at post office and put in your box, after payment,at no cost to you. I accept money orders by mail. Can also pay through Google Checkout,  my official web site   Buy on Etsy shop too!http://www.etsy.com/shop/artzstuf

so can feel secure,if don't know me. I have sold to many gift  shops whole sale and on consignment and offer fantastic prices  for private sale(bulk orders get higher discount. to the public and (below retail. 25% off) at local fairs,fests and flea markets.  If want to order something, email your order and make payment to Ann Reilly PO Box 1102 Cairo,NY 12413 Please allow for cost of shipping if not in area. Thanks. References available upon request (by happy clients). I prefer email and not being contacted by phone as am busy creating or at fairs. :

Barter with other businesses to advertise your business or sell what you do best for what you want that someone else has!  Read more..Also form clusters with other small businesses promoting each other. ex. ask local supermarket you shop at, to mention your biz on intercom,as I for instance have no store front but work from home and service my community(public, at fairs,fests,private sale and as a wholesaler to gift shops locally and online,including Etsy.


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Entrecard   Click on word as is a Link to my card on my blog, Closer to SAne

Site owner and artist,jewelry designer, alternative health Practitioner and Pet Expert, Ann Reilly

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Shirley McClain's Chakra jewelry is surprisingly not as expensive as you would think as is made by a renown STAR, after all.  Guess we are lucky to get it in this one of her life times huh!?

Meditation video

Make jewelry with Karla


amethyst ring

 How to make $$$$ from home. Click link to read my Ehow article.


"Man and friend" (my photo of my prints and my dog's.)




barn photo                                digital photo                   cat with chakra bead.                          "birch trees" my acrylic painting



                                                  "Sea" my painting

maroon ceramic bead. Protects you from cancer from cell phones' radiation.

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