Anime Pack Rat

My place of all my anime/ manga geekiness. I collect anime/ manga shitajiki, artbooks, postcards, manga, binsen, doujinshi. Though I do dabble in figures and various cards too. I have been trying to do this sight for years, but the formalities made it too tedious so from here on out it will be low key. I love to trade so if you have something I might like feel free to contact me. I'm always getting new boards in.



6/5- A bunch of artbooks with more to come soon. Another Temari Matsumoto, 2 more to multi illustraters, Yun Kouga, Amano, and Death Note.

5/10- A new Gintama doujin, Naruto doujin, CQ, and 2 Tohru Adumi

5/5- 16 artbooks Saiyuki, Clamp, Reborn, KEI, Loveless, Ghost in the Shell, Shel, Black Lagoon, Utena, Es, Tohko Mizuna, Sakurai Shushushu

4/18- Finally scanned my Kine in Aqua Doujinshi and BL galore with Drap and Gush!

4/2- Added a bunch of artbooks Credo, Korean illustrations, KKM, Kino, and Sanzensekai.

3/26- Another Dragon Ball artbook as well as Naruto postcard update!

3/25- Put a ton of Saiyuki postcards up!

3/24- Added some Death Note postcards and a Banana Fish shitajiki.

3/23- Added three artbooks one from D. Gray-man, One Piece, and my new favorite Kine in aqua.

3/22- Added 2 One Piece shitajiki and a Dragon Ball artbook.

3/13- Added a breathtaking Trinity Blood artbook as well as an Amano one also. I love them both.

3/4- Added a new Gintama, Naruto doujin shitajiki, and a K-book board. I also added a new Tohru Adumi artbook

2/17- Added 2 Yun Kouga artbooks.

2/16- Added some artbooks Boogiepop, Koji, Zaou, Toujou Kazumi.

2/12- Added 2 Saiyuki, 2 Naruto Doujin, and 1 Dragon Ball

2/11- Added a little forum just for kicks. Feel free to post and share.

2/10- Added 3 artbooks from Angelica, Nabari No Ou, and Can't Hue

2/8- Added a Naruto and One Piece artbook

2/5- Added 2 artbooks to Naked Ape/ Acute girls section and also added a Eureka 7 shitajiki

2/3- Added 3 Persona boards (best games in the world), 2 in K-books, 3 Tohru Adumi.

2/2- 3 Boogiepop Phantom boards added!

1/22- I added 2 new gintama doujin one of them from Adashino. Its beautiful! Also added Boards from Kino, 12 Kingdoms and Nabari no Ou.

1/16- Just added my 20 Gush magazine shitajiki, a few Mandarake shitajiki and 3 Inariya Fusanosuke shitajiki. They are so pretty! Also Hirotaka Kisaragi artbook.

1/15 Added Angel Sanctuary artbooks and one from Shuiko Kano too!

1/14- Added Vagabond artbook and Zombie-Loan artbook. Added shitajiki from Kizuna and Trinity Blood

1/13- Added 2 shitajiki to the Reborn doujin section. I also added another Kurono Nanae artbook.

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