SAVE Orangutans

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SAVE Orangutans is under the auspices of With Compassion & Soul Inc.

There are many captive orangutan in zoos, parks and villages in Indonesia who may be incarcerated for decades and never be released to the wild. Many of these orangutans are given no sturctural enrichement, food enrichment & their keepers have very little orangutan husbandry skills. These are the forgotten orangutans. They not only experienced some trauma when they were ripped out of their slaughtered mothers arms or were caught and sold to a zoo or private person when they wandered onto a palm oil plantation or village crop looking for food but will suffer years in captivity in sub standard conditions for the rest of their lives. Our Captive Orangutan Enrichment Angel Projects aim to find these forgotton ones and change their life for the better one by one.

If they cant be released ever then we want to be able to make their lives a little more stimulating and give their keepers training to enrich their daily lives. There are 4 groups working with each other to riase money for these projects and to implement them - With Compassion & Soul, The Centre For Orangutan Protection, Orangutan Outreach & Red Ape Resources and supported massively by Palm Oil Investigations

PROJECT # 1 fundraisng for the projects was to research, create, make and start selling a whole range of products which are vegan and palm oil free to raise funds.So far we have developed about 35 products this year including chocolate & fudge and non food products and food products and Rainforest & Orangutan Toys

PROJECT # 2 was to install an enrichment programme & installation  for JACKY the Orangutan at Bali Zoo - this occurred in Sept 2012. For mor einfo please click here

PROJECT # 3 to provide modest enrichments to some captive orangutans in 4 different villages in Sumatra 

 Taman Rimba Jambi Zoo -  enrichment for 4 bears & 5 Gibbons. Food enrichment training for Bear & Gibbon Keepers and how to make enrichment for the Bears and Gibbons daily in their cages 

Taman Kandi Zoo in Sawah Lunto.  Structural enrichment included 4 wooden poles 4.5 m, 2 hammocks and climbing rope. The 3 orangutans benefiting from this were Rambo, Botak and Sari. Enrichment made them very happy.

Bukit Tinggi Zoo. 2nd visit, Orangutan Ucok, Bambam and Meri. Repaired hammock and added other encrichment in the cage and installed enrichment for a gibbon and monkey too,

Medan Zoo - negotiations with management helping animals, conduct basic enrichment training for animal keeper re food, water, cleaning cage and enrichment from food and cage. We will be back to do structural enrichment at some time. 

In every town, city & village  that the team stopped at they conducted a short educational session at the School, the Campus and to the Community about Orangutans and their habitat. They talked to 600 students from 7 Schools (Play group, elementery School, Junior high School) and 7 nature clubs from Palembang city.

If we had more funds we would do much larger projects at each of the zoos but we have to spread the limited funds around, some projects are smaller than others.

PROJECT # 4 to start the build of a new rescue quarantine centre at the edge of Solo Zoo, in Solo, Central Java - this is the centre of the illegal wildlife trade and a centre is needed to take confiscated orangutans and other animals to for a health check and holding time while the animal is assessed and it's future fate decided, whether that is finding the right sanctuary for it to go to or whether that is being released back into the wild. The COEAP's also raised funds for the first full year of wage for a vet the wonderful Dr Debbie to be the resident vet at this clinic.

PROJECT # 5 to modestly revamp and structurally enrich the enclosure of Yeti & Didik at Solo Zoo, in Solo, Central Java 

PROJECT # 7  to prepare an island within Solo Zoo, Solo, Central Java to transfer Kirno ( a 12yr old male orangutan who has been incarcerated for many years in a cramped cement dungeon)