Friends in Harmony

Anglesey Barbershop

A Bit of History...

The Friends first met in November 1978, a small group of four which gave its first concert in 1979. It grew and blossomed and by 1980 had performed some 23 sing-outs. The club joined BABS (British Association of Barbershop Singers) in 1983 and went from strength to strength and by the 1990’s were singing in Preliminary Competitions and appearing on Television.

By 2005 the chorus had sung in more than 375 sing-outs and had a membership of 21 singing at venues as varied as RAF Valley, a circus tent, a castle and retirement homes both on the island of Anglesey and on the mainland of North Wales. It is a fun group which lives up to its name ‘Friends in Harmony’ giving enjoyment to many and a bond of friendship between its members.

In 2005 the group won the Barbershop Section at the Coleraine International Choral Festival in Northern Ireland.

Update 2010; still going strong with a very busy programme of performances (including national TV).