Friends in Harmony

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About Friends in Harmony

The ‘Friends’ first met in November 1978, a small group of four which gave its first concert in 1979. It grew and blossomed and by 1980 had performed some 23 concerts. The group joined BABS (the British Association of Barbershop Singers) in 1983 and continued to go from strength to strength and by the 1990’s were singing in competitions and appearing on television. Friends in Harmony currently has about 20 active singing members.

Friends in Harmony is a fun group which lives up to its name, giving enjoyment to many and also maintaining a strong bond of friendship between its members.

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Friends in Harmony are available for your event and can provide entertainment varying from a short “spot” in a concert to a full evening show. See our short video here

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Friends in Harmony are always pleased to support charities in their fund raising efforts and will also assist in the promotion of any charity events for which we are booked.

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Why not join us

We are ordinary men from all walks of life. Many of us didn't know if we could sing or not until we came along and 'had a go'.

We do not audition or voice test, so there is no pressure. Just come and listen if you wish. 

Our musical standards are high and the group works hard to improve but don’t be put off if you have no musical training, we have ways of teaching new singers using teaching tracks and other methods. Come and listen!

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Rehearsal Nights

Friends in Harmony rehearse on Monday evenings in the Benllech Community Hall. Rehearsals start at 7:45pm and finish no later than 10:00pm.

Rehearsals normally start with a short “warm up” to get the voices and brains into gear. We take a coffee break at about 9:00pm for 15-20 minutes when we have a chat and a laugh (we do a lot of laughing at any time).

Visitors are always welcome to our rehearsals.

What is Barbershop Harmony Singing? Technical stuff

Barbershop harmony is a style of unaccompanied vocal music characterised by consonant four-part chords for every melody note in a predominantly homophonic texture.

The melody is consistently sung by the lead, with the tenor harmonising above the melody, the bass singing the lowest harmonising notes, and the baritone completing the chord.

Barbershop singers adjust pitches to achieve perfectly tuned chords in just intonation while remaining true to the established tonal centre.

Artistic singing in the Barbershop style exhibits a fullness or expansion of sound, precise intonation, a high degree of vocal skill and a high level of unity and consistency within the ensemble. Ideally, these elements are natural, unmanufactured and free from apparent effort.

Barbershop music presentation uses appropriate musical and visual methods to convey the theme of the song and provide the audience with an emotionally satisfying and entertaining experience. The musical and visual delivery is from the heart, believable, and sensitive to the song and its arrangement throughout. The most stylistic presentation artistically melds together the musical and visual aspects to create and sustain the illusions suggested by the music.