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A web-based Writing Collection by NY Boss & Radio MusicBox

Our site is under construction. So, please bear with us AND BE PATIENT. 

Feel free to browse our writings we have collected over the years, from personal to academia. Some of our writings need to be edited (Wow.) If you have any questions or would like to submit contributions to the Anger Management Mag, feel free to email us at: (Radio MusicBox) or (NY Boss)

Also, for the ANONYMOUS writers:

If you have written something and you don't want anybody to see your name, we will keep your name confidential. Just send us your writing material, along with your real name and nickname. Let us know why you want us to put it under "Anonymous" or a nickname. Keep in mind that you will be put into ANONYMOUS WRITERS page, which is a good thing. So, don't worry about it, my friend.


I call it a magazine because I can. Idiot. 

Other than that, enjoy and feel free to contact us if you have something good for us. One love!


----Cecelia Taylor-Hunt (Radio MusicBox)