The names listed here occur in Germanic mythologies and legends. See also Norse mythology names.

BRUNHILDE   f   German, Germanic Mythology
Derived from the Germanic elements brun "armour, protection" and hild "battle". In the Norse legend the 'Volsungasaga' Brunhilde was the queen of the Valkyries who was rescued by the hero Sigurd. In the Germanic legend the 'Nibelungenlied' she was a queen of Iceland and the wife of Günther.

DONAR   m   Germanic Mythology
Ancient German cognate of THOR

IDUNN   f   Germanic Mythology
Germanic form of Iğunnr (see IDONY).

ING   m   Germanic Mythology, Norse Mythology
From old Germanic Ingwaz, which possibly means "he who is foremost". Ing was the name of a Norse and Germanic fertility god, known in Scandinavia as Yngvi Freyr (see FREYR).

LORELEI   f   Germanic Mythology
Pronounced: lor-e-LIE, LOR-e-lie
From a Germanic name meaning "ambush cliff". In Germanic legend Lorelei was a siren who lured sailors on the Rhine River to their deaths.

WOTAN   m   Germanic Mythology
Pronounced: VO-tawn (German)
Ancient German cognate of ODIN