The Best of Britney Williams

All the way from April 2005


First of all, hello to everyone that has accessed my site! :)
There has been a previous site that I have recently cancelled which included my early poetry (2005-2006), but I decided to post my best-of's and I will probably think about what I shall do with the rest - create a separate site or something as such. I do not yet know.
This site will surely include: a short biography, my best poetry and other writings. I do not write only poetry.:)

I want to clear something out once and for all: my name is not Britney Williams, but Andrea. The rest you either know if you personally know me or not. I like to refer to myself as Britney Williams when I write because it is Britney Williams whom writes these things, and not me. I am the one that lives them and experiences most of what she tells. Britney Williams is like an alter ego to me who can express what I feel through words... who can get through the barriers that I face. My choice of the name Britney Williams will remain confidential. I do not wish to discuss the matter. It is, has and always will be Britney Williams, because it is a part of me, and whether I like it or not, it's in me.


My name is Andrea and I'm almost 17 this year (2008). I have been writing poetry since I was 14, in April 2005. I currently live in Montréal, Canada, but I just recently moved here in January 2008 from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It is the first time I have ever left my country.

My maternal language is Romanian and my paternal language is Hungarian, but I also learnd English since I know myself, so I was raised as a trilingual. Now I also speak fairly good French, I would say my level is lower-intermediate. I still have a little to practise. :) And I'm a beginner in German - I must confess I started studying German when I was about 12 (by myself), but it was too much to do alone and I had no way of knowing how to pronounce certain words... so I gave up.

I like Mathematics. It's surprising... I know. Most people dislike Maths in particular, and what's even more awkward is the fact that people are usually divided in two places: languages and sciences. (Well, in Romania at least... that's how we'd usually go) And I like Maths and English.
(My Maths professor actually noticed that. She was surprised I did good at Romanian, English and Maths all at the same time.)

Anyway, I've participated in many things like school projects and British Council, I was a gymnast when I was 5 and half, I think? Until I was 9. I broke my elbow in a false move at the parallel bars which caused a pretty ugly accident. So after I finished 3rd grade I switched schools with a closer one and my life became all centred to English from that point. Maths, too in Primary School, but in Gymnasium (that's like Middle School 5th-8th grade and 9th-12th grade is High School in Romania) it became all about English.

When I started High School, I became more active and more determined to participate in school activities. I started getting involved in plays, and also read poetry at each show held, and danced in a "band" if I should call it so, which I and 3 other classmates formed. But then we remained only 3 dancers. However, it was fun and exciting.
I started focusing a lot more on my studies when I entered High School because of the fact that the High School which I entered required only a C+/B- to enter. I wanted to be an A student. I finished as a honour roll student and I excelled in Mathematics, English, Romanian and French.

What's going to happen next? I have no idea... so let's go on and see, shall we? :)

So this is me... 3 years ago....

I was 14 in this picture... and my cat was only one year old:) - I will get a new one up, too when I'll have one I like... 'til then, cya! (By the way, I love this picture... )