The Poetry of Rory

To Feel

I could feel her looking at me
a bit concerned…thinking
…feeling like things aren’t quite the same
between us
more recently we find reasons to fight and fuss
I admit that there has been a change
in our relationship…and perhaps I’m a little off my game
..this life, this jungle, you know…(pausing to think)
I guess I’m just not ready to discuss it
..and it was not my intention to make her feel isolated
It’s just, well, I just... don’t want to deal with the weight
..of negative energy, not right now
..focusing … you know what that feels like, yes?
much to her credit,
she assured me that we will get through this
..someway, somehow.. Just keep giving it out best
sitting down next to me, her soft kisses..
travel all around my neck
.. wasn’t about sex
it was about touching, knowing, standing in
..this woman .. Such an integral part of what I am
my lover, my nemeses, my best friend
somehow always manages to get underneath my skin (smiling)
and yet, always knowing just when (frowning)
to make EVERYTHING right (appreciating)
so together we sit in…
…a comfortable silence
thinking things through and still consuming
each others presence…and this love we share
appeased by the magnificence of another sunset
FEELING…just feeling